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  1. djleder

    Zoas closed all of the sudden?

    Got the heater in the water, the colony that has not been opening is showing some progress, today more zoas opened up! Also been feeding my wrasse more so I wonder which one? : P
  2. djleder

    Zoas closed all of the sudden?

    Well this is not good, I had the tank sitting at around 72 because my stealth heater broke I put the new one in and I am slowly increasing it. It is at 76 now. The bad thing is that I can not find a alk test kit anywhere ; /
  3. djleder

    Zoas closed all of the sudden?

    This does make sense, as it is getting colder here I am starting to think my heater might have broke on me so I might get a new one, the temp of the water is about 74 -75 F I will run to the store and grab these two things. Could you recommend a heater and a alk test kit perhaps? Thanks,
  4. djleder

    Zoas closed all of the sudden?

    Hi! The six line wrasse has not been fed as much as it was, as it was not under my care. Could it be possible it got hungry and decided to munch on my zoas? Thanks
  5. djleder

    Zoas closed all of the sudden?

    Hi! Thanks for the quick reply, I do not have all the test kits just the ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, ph testkits, but I will run to the store and pick up some. Could it also be my Six-line wrasse I see him sometime nipping at this particular zoa colony, but not the other. Could this be another...
  6. djleder

    Zoas closed all of the sudden?

    Hi! My zoa's have been closed for about 2 weeks now(I have had them for about a month) they were opening up just fine, but now only 2-3 are opening.I had them directly under the light and I moved them a bit lower and changed the flow too. What could have caused this? All my other coral and my...
  7. djleder

    Got a Hippo today. Wedged under rock

    Yeah, don't worry my first Hippo Tang had a habit of lying flat inside a little crevice inside one of my rocks and would stay there for hours
  8. djleder

    mysterious cut in fin

    yes Maroon Clownfish are quite the bullies:),hopefully the Maroon won't cause too much trouble,A thing that worked for me was putting a mirror on side so the Maroon clown will see himself and it will get focused on the mirror instead of your Sailfin.
  9. djleder

    stock list for my 135 gallon tank

    Whatever works,in my 5 years adding tangs at the same time always worked for me
  10. djleder

    stock list for my 135 gallon tank

    Quote: Originally Posted by BTLDreef You can still do a tang or two, or a large angel and a dwarf. You might be successful with two dwarfs as many of us (I am) are in larger tanks. Yes,two tangs are great as long as there added at the same time. Quote: Originally Posted by levinjac I like...
  11. djleder

    sailfin tang

    Defiantly not the biggest,but still rather large
  12. djleder

    Just got an Orange spotted filefish

    File fish are awsome!
  13. djleder

    stock list for my 135 gallon tank

    How about a Coral Beauty?They are very hardy,and are fun to watch
  14. djleder

    My fish, lets see yours.

    The others were hiding,except this guy
  15. djleder

    Can I get a Maroon

    Maroon Clownfish IMO,are some of the biggest bullies in the aquarim world!!! I had one at one time that killed my Blue and Yellow Tang
  16. djleder

    clown-fishes swimming wierd!

    I had a Black Clownfish with White stripes about a year ago,It would stay on top of the power head all day! I would not worry as long as there eating and stuff.
  17. djleder

    sailfin tang

    A Sailfin Tang can get the size of a dinner plate without a problem.
  18. djleder

    Splendid Dottyback

    Defiantly the Dottyback,I had one kill off a Yellow Tailed Damsel before!!!!!!!!!!
  19. djleder

    harlequin tuskfish

    I had a Harlequin Tuskfish a couple of years ago,I remembered spending over 100 dollars on it,but I could not resist how cool it looked!!!!!!
  20. djleder


    Wow Someone Plz Freaking Help