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  1. fishgeek01

    $10 frags several types

    And I want to thank Bronco300 for the great pics.... of my set up and corals zoa freak!
  2. fishgeek01

    $10 frags several types

    PM me with any questions or to get your hands on these cheap frags...
  3. fishgeek01

    $10 frags several types

  4. fishgeek01

    $10 frags several types

    I have several types of coral ready to be sent out, just finished getting my frag tank completely done, so some are ready as of now, others would be fragged as requested... lighting is 2x150 14k and 2x130 pc's dual actinic on dt and 1x175 watt 14k on frag tank All frags are $10 plus shipping...
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    Linkia Star Deteriorating!

    sounds like acclimation shock to me, typical when new stars are added to an existing system. contact ophiura she is the resident star specialist
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    Dealing with Parasites...

    Originally Posted by PerfectDark Now that is an awesome idea.. and I need to get one out of my DT too... Thanks for that. no problem works like a charm i usually feed a small amount of mysis to get them interested, then i am on the attack, you will catch fish you dont want to catch, but...
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    Dealing with Parasites...

    the easiest way to catch fish in your dt is to use a number 20 fly fishing hook with the barb filed down, this hook is tiny, about 10 would fit on your pinky finger nail, does not hurt the fish attach hook to thread and bait with mysis, works like a charm
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    Claw Id

    Originally Posted by Sea_Knight looks like a red stone crab...get rid of it as quickly as possible. the bigger it gets the more fish and other inverts it will eat. I agree with this probably a red stone crab
  9. fishgeek01

    fighting conch injured

    well, hopefully it pulls through for you good luck
  10. fishgeek01

    ophiura-brittlestar pictures

    i dont know that i have ever seen anythign like that in my life....
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    fighting conch injured

    i do not know for sure if it will grow back or not, but certainly being the way that it eats this guy is in for a long ride ahaed. Has it eaten since that happened that you know of? I would like to hope for the best as i am usually optimistic, but in this case i would say that its chances are...
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    What, no patriots cheat thread yet??

    are there any major league sports out ther that we can still respect, between dog fighting, steroids, guns, violence, on and off court fighting, are these guys really worth the millions they are getting paid every year?
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    What would the perfect lfs have?

    i had forgotten that this thread exists.... a buddy of mine and i are in the planning stages for this shop.... it will be on the south side of indy, going to do mostly live goods, but offer some dry goods. going to offer more custom products thatn anything, lighting, hoods, stands, and tanks...
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    Can anyone help me ID

    the coral you are searching for is anthelia if it looks like the pic that was posted, they can be as long as 2 inches. I have a few frags available if interested they will eb short like that until grown out PM me
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    lugols, and kent marine iodine whats the dif?

    as the title says what is the difference in the two, and can i go and get medical iodine at like awalmart and use that instead of lugols? I need to do some dips, and tonight, can't wait, and none of my lfs's have lugols, i have a huge bottle of iodine (dont ever use it) what can i do...
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    IRC (Indiana Reefers Club)

    Originally Posted by Otty No the date is the 21st, saturday evening. Anytime after 5:00, I plan on starting food before 6. Remember I made it this month for the saturday because last month was on fathers day (sunday). That long travel to work is starting to play with your mind, can't be your...
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    IRC (Indiana Reefers Club)

    the date is the 22nd, what time you want everyone out there ? 5:30 - 6:00?
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    worst day in my reefing experience so far

    Justin To bad about your Lionfish and your recent (well daily dose) of bad luck. Seems in this hobby just when everything is going right something comes out of nowhere and throws you a curve ball you didnt see coming. Hope that you are able to find another of the oh so rare dwarfs in that...
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    friday night shot of the 180 mixed reef

    Murph I think I saw a bare spot in there, you might want to fill that Tank is looking good as usual. Jay
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    Looking to Buy...

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