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  1. toughguy80

    Quick question about salinity

    Been out of the game for a few years and decided to restart with a nice little 29G. For the life of me though, I can't remember what the proper salinity is. Was it 32 or 35? Thanks in advance.
  2. toughguy80

    effect of bass vibrations on tank

    Hmm, that's a good question. I guess it could scare the fish. And stress on the fish could lead to things such as ich. If it were me, I'd get something hardy like a damsel and see how it reacts to it. If all appears well, then maybe move on to other fish.
  3. toughguy80

    Breaking down tank, LR/LS for sale in cincy OH

    About 150-200lb LR About 100-150lb LS Would take $300 for the LR. $100 for the LS. Would be willing to sell in peices at $2 per pound LR. And $1 per poud LS. Only catch is, I have no way of weighting it? Might be able to work something out though. If interested responde here or my email...
  4. toughguy80


    For as long as I've read this board most of the older folks(along with myself) will only run carbon if the tank looks a little cloudy. In most situations there's really no need for it.
  5. toughguy80

    Shrimp Question

    As stated, CBS can be somewhat aggressive. The peppermint might be alright, but then again it might not.
  6. toughguy80

    passer angel a little mean

    How long have you owned the angel and how many days did you try to keep them together?
  7. toughguy80

    Blackfoot lionfish

    Thanks for the info hammer.
  8. toughguy80

    Blackfoot lionfish

    How big do these guys get on avg.?
  9. toughguy80

    what is your worst aquarium disaster?

    Years ago I came home drunk off my butt at about 3am to find my tank had crashed. Apparently the power had been out and on top of that the tank was only 2 months established. Was real interesting trying to catch the surviving fish in that drunken state.
  10. toughguy80

    55 gallon and lighting

    Yup 55G is 48", 24 and 36" won't work. Personnally I'd go with 2x175MH and the 2X96A combo. And reeffreak already stated the difference between hoods and retros. Although I will say IMO even retros are pretty idiot proff to wire(put blue to blue, red to red, etc..). But if you want a ready to...
  11. toughguy80

    HELP Raccoon problems

    Originally Posted by reckler Good news. I got me a coon last night finally. It took a little time but I got her. This morning I took her up in the hills to relocate her in a pretty nice area. One thiong that was wierd though.... She was tame enough to let me pet her. she wasn't at all aggressive...
  12. toughguy80

    Help !!(lionfish)

    Also do everything in a routine. Get the lion use to one thing happening then another so it knows it's feeding time. Like shark said, use ghost shrimp for a week or 2. Then try mixing it up. Use a ghost shrimp, then try to sneak a silverside in. Over time they will switch over to frozen food. I...
  13. toughguy80

    Acclimation overated?

    I kinda do a little from both schools of thought. Fish and corals I do about an hour or till I get bored. But like ophiura said, IMO inverts are more sensitive. I once lost 2 cleaner shrimp back to back just temp acclimating. The 3rd I acclimated and all was well. It was an expensive lesson...
  14. toughguy80


    Grrr I gotta wait till moday. You guys/gals are killin me!!!
  15. toughguy80

    mantis shrimp

    Originally Posted by Johnbob toughguy80, where in ohio are you located? If you are interested in a mantis shrimp we have one at the lfs i work at in Columbus. Its free to anyone that wants it. I'm in Cincy.
  16. toughguy80

    How Should I ship Cheato.

    So hot... planning on shipping anything any time soon??? PS: Sorry for hijack.
  17. toughguy80

    mantis shrimp

    Originally Posted by hoeflers4 Hey everybody, I bought a bunch of live rock about six weeks ago. It is ultra premium stuf with lots of live critters and stuff on it. However, I was watching my tank today and found an undesirable. It is a mantis - about 2.5" long. Anyone have ideas or experience...
  18. toughguy80

    Mantis Shrimp

    That's cool Jace, you got 1st dibs(only fair). I'm not sure where djhippie lives anyhow. I'd probably need it shipped too.
  19. toughguy80

    Mantis Shrimp

    Here's a qoute from another thread. I had it backwards... use a higher salinity mix: Originally Posted by Saltwater8 Before (or after) curing your newly arrived live rock, you can submerse the new rock into a bucket filled with saltwater with a specific gravity of 1.035 to 1.040 for one minute...
  20. toughguy80

    Dwarf Zebra eating Nassarius?

    Not sure about zebras but I had blue legs attack/eat snails. True blue legs are known to be more aggressive but you never know. I'd keep an eye on it if I were you.