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    forget the backseat, the hotel, or the bushes, just go bowling and tap her in the john, your not going to marry the chick, and if you do you know she likes to do it in weird places(good for later in life). Just go bowling and have a good time, your to young for the backseat right now. In about...
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    Tons Of Free Equipment!!!

    Originally Posted by mpdan dont mean to sound harsh but all this ill take/ i want how about find out what the regular cost is and pay half maybe help the lady pay for the funeral dont mean to sound like an a$$ but of course she wants it gone probably reminds her of him. anyway sorry just my...
  3. privatejoker

    Tons Of Free Equipment!!!

    I'd be interested in one of the 125 or 220's plus the equipment to start it up. I can make the drive no problem and I have a pickup.
  4. privatejoker

    LARGE Plywood Tank Build

    Let go, get this thing up and running.
  5. privatejoker

    new skimmer

    Just started reading this thread. I have a question. When X called customer service and they didn't answer he posted on here. Then in less than a half hour someone calls him. I find that funny, IMO someone on here is either the owner or works for this company. Just my two pennies. RR
  6. privatejoker

    SWF auction

    What a shame, this site was so nice to buy from other reefers and now there are two things for sale. Way to go you just lost alot of people from this site. I would pay a flat fee to sell but the way you decide to do it is a shame. 5% plus paypal fees killed this site for me and many...
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    Starting From Sratch

    Originally Posted by unleashed ok first things first .. fw bacteria is not spread to sw.hense why we do fw dips on our sw fish.. so trying to sterilise this tank is a waste of time. number 2 never ever ever use bleach on anything for your pets including fish unless you plan on using a vinigar...
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    good light for the refugium?

    6500 is fine, save the energy.
  9. privatejoker

    Clogged overflow?

    What type of overflow do you have? If its CPR overflow the inlet for the lift pump can get clogged. I had to remove and clean it once a week to keep it up and running. If it is an external overflow with lift pump, your pump may need to be cleaned as well. I ran vinegar and water through it for...
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    HOB CPR refugium

    If you can run that light 24/7 or when the DT lights go out.
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    Sump Water Change????

    The only reason you should take water out of the DT is if your rock or sand is dirty. Other wise its all the same water and you don't have to worry about it.
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    Two Angels

    I wouldn't keep two angels in that size tank. I agree get the beat up one of the tank and into a QT tank.
  13. privatejoker

    LARGE Plywood Tank Build

    Where are the corals?
  14. privatejoker

    4' x 4' tank build

    I haven't checked in in a while, that looks great, I think I'm going to build a frag like that, not as big the wife would kill me.
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    Anyone interested in local reef club?

    bump, we just started the web site.
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    I stopped over with X the other day and everything looks great. The rocks look bare but in time they be back.
  17. privatejoker

    Refugium substrate?

    It doesn't have to be live sand. I would use some type of small grain sand over CC. Cheato will grow on a bare bottom tank, it doesn't need any substrate.
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    Purple tang ate super glue

    My purple tang ate some free floating super glue. Its blocking its mouth and he can't eat. Will this go away or do I have to try to catch the fish and do surgery?
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    Refugium substrate?

    It doesn't really matter what you use for substrate, MM, Crushed coral, or sand. If you want to use a deep sand bed any of these will be fine. The bacteria and critters will come in time. I used MM in my first fuge and it worked, but now I have sand and it works fine. I don't use that much, I...
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    I might buy from SWF if they ever had anything in stock. Everytime I look on the site it says Wish List. So if you stock up you won't have to worry about people out selling on this forum. Just my 2 pennies worth.