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  1. thelion

    any reefers in washington?

    If your interested in getting rid of some Zenia, I'm interested. What are you charging? I live in Federal Way and my # is (253) 874-7524. Thanks, Leo
  2. thelion

    reefers in washington

    I live in Federal Way. I have a 125 gallon reef setup. I'm interested in checking out that store mentioned in Lake Stevens. If you can, can you please let me know where it's located at? Leo
  3. thelion

    Any reef hobists in Seattle area?

    Give me a call and I can tell you everything I know about saltwater stores in our area. My # is 235-874-7524 Leo
  4. thelion

    Any reef hobists in Seattle area?

    I'm also from the east coast but moved to beautiful Seattle. I know of a number of good stores that sell saltwater fish ,corals and other things. Email me at and I will tell you where there are a number of stores in our area. Leo
  5. thelion

    Mixing Angels

    I have a Bi-Color Angel, Coral Beauty Angel, French Angel, and Flame Angel, all in my 125 gallon reef and they are all doing just fine together.
  6. thelion

    Looking for a Sea Hare

    As far as I was told, yes, sea hare's are reef safe but once they eat all the algae, the will die and release a toxic fluid in the tank, so the object is to get them out right befor they finish eating all the hair algae. Thank you very much for the info. NM, i appreciate it.
  7. thelion

    Looking for a Sea Hare

    I live in the Seattle area and i'm having an extremely hard time finding a Sea Hare to clean up my hair algae in my 125 gallon reef. Can anyone direct me to where I would be able to purchace a Sea Hare in the Seattle area or anywhere in the country? Any and all help is greatly appreciated...
  8. thelion

    MegaFlow Overflow Info. Needed: A.S.A.P. Please?

    I just wanted a few examples, pictures, and ideas on how people would set up a system that consisted of a dual MegaFlow Overflow on a 125 reef, with an external pump(24 MagDrive with a ballvalve) extracting water from the sump and back into the tank. Mainly I am interested in the whole plumbing...
  9. thelion

    MegaFlow Overflow Info. Needed: A.S.A.P. Please?

    I have a 125 gal. reef with 2 megaflow overflows from all-glass aquarium. My question is, can anyone email me a pic or draft of how they hooked up, or would hook up a dual megaflow overflow system plumbing on a 125? I already have the kit put together, I just want to know how all the plumbing...
  10. thelion

    Quarantine Tank

    I have had my quarantine tank set up for a few years now and have never had any problems with it. My question is, I have never had anything at all on the bottom, just the glass bottom. Now I want to dress up the tank. I want to know how I would go about putting a substrate on the bottom? What...
  11. thelion

    WOLF EEL ????????

    Thanks for the info. everyone. I made up my mind to transfer him into my hospital tank so he won't wipe out everything in my tank.I've already seen him snap at my Flame Hawk, and the Flame is a nice size. thanks
  12. thelion

    WOLF EEL ????????

    I have a 100 gal. reef setup. I just purchaced a Wolf Eel. He eates like a pig. I do know now that I can't have any small fish with him. Can anyone please tell me more about this eel? I can't seem to find any info. on him.If at all possible, please tell me all you can about him? thank you, Leo
  13. thelion


    I have all compacts on my 100 gal reef with a canopy.My lights are constantly getting salt creek on them and it's taking away from the lighting. If I use the glass covers over my talk to protect my lights, will it take away a lot of light and will it take a lot away from my corals.My only hard...
  14. thelion


    I have a large yellow toadstool that folds up and looks like a cabbage. On it were a number of black spots that looked as if it were being burnt by lights or something.I even noticed that there were a few chuncks eaten away from my toadstool. So what I did was pick off all the black spots and...
  15. thelion


    I am currently using Instant Ocean salt but, sometimes Coralife is on sale pretty cheap. Would it be o.k. if I sometimes mixed my salts? If not, can you please tell me why so I will know for educational purposes?Also, what salt is better, Instant Ocean or Coralife? Thank you, Leo :rolleyes...
  16. thelion


    I have about an inch of crushed coral on my 100 gal. reef tank. My tank has been up and running for about 2 yrs now. I am thinking about adding more crushed coral to thicken up the substrate. How would I go about doing this w/o disrupting the chemistry of my tank. Would I just keep adding it...
  17. thelion

    CARBON OR RENEW ??????????

    I have a 100 gal saltwater reef. I just got a product from Seachem called " Renew ". It's a carbon replacement. I also have some Seachem Sea Gel Carbon that I also would like to use. Am I able to use these products together and how well does the Renew product work? Would they work well together...
  18. thelion


    I have many different types of hard nd soft corals. They are doing beautifully in my tank.The question is, how do I get these corals to grow at a faster rate? What additives do I use in order to make them grow at a faster rate? I see other pics from others and how fast their corals grow and want...
  19. thelion

    Can someone please answer my question?

    I put a question in here a few days ago and it hasn't been answered yet. Scroll down a few messages where the questinons are and you will see it. It's the one about the Sea Storm Fluidized-Bed Filter.Please read it and if you can, please answer it?I'm waiting for answers so I know what to do...
  20. thelion

    Sea Storm Fluidized-Bed Filter ???

    I have a 100 Gal. reef with about 1" crushed coral substrate on the bottom.I also have a 350 and 250 magnum canister filters running. A wet-dry trickle filter and a very good Red Devil protein skimmer.My question is: I do have a Sea Storm Fluidized-Bed Filter in the closet. My tank is running...