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  1. cymbal67

    Help me!

    yep, for sure what happens in one tank might not happen in another. i have 2 anenomes and the 2 clowns wont touch the other one.
  2. cymbal67

    Help me!

    This anenome was put in a 3 week old tank. the next pic is the same anenome, almost 5 months later (just snapped the shot)
  3. cymbal67

    Question about cycling the tank.

    cycle times will vary based on too many variables that anyone in here will be able to tell you how long it will take YOUR tank to cycle. you will hear anything from 3 days to months. but its greatly based on the quality of your live rock and what type of filtration you have.
  4. cymbal67

    death in my tank?

    i thought i had lost crabs before, but then after a closer was just the shell. my cleaner shrimp, too. both my emerald crabs, and my sally light foot, all have given me the, "oh crap......oh wait, sweet, just a shell"
  5. cymbal67

    please help!!anyone ever catch a mantis!!!

    a couple of weeks after i set up my tank in oct 06, i started hearing the faint clicking sounds...over the next few months it would get louder, but i had never seen it. i didnt know if it was a pistol or a mantis. i added a birdsnest about a month ago. I finally saw it! it was working its...
  6. cymbal67

    Help me!

    how much can you spend is going to determine what you can get. if you can, get a Metal Halide and some actinics. the best of that? well that will be determined by the dimensions of your tank. for my dimensions, i went with a coral life retro kit (because i had to modify the dimensions a...
  7. cymbal67

    BIO wheel!?

    what has worked well for me is a fuge with a deep sand bed, cheato, small pieces of live rock, some mangroves, an aqua C Skimmer (that barely skims anything), a phos reactor with a very low flow rate thru the phos-ban (just enough to only stir up the very top), 2 returns and 1 powerhead. in the...
  8. cymbal67

    Help me!

    you can put an anenome in right after you get the light. waiting a year, like mentioned above is nuts.
  9. cymbal67

    photo diary of getting started

  10. cymbal67

    photo diary of getting started

    well todays is 3 months (i cant believe thats feels like it has been longer). here are some pics i took today. first one with flash, second without.
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    i'm liken the idea of 2 with holes so to just lift it up, draining water out and just dipping him in.....nice!!!!!!
  12. cymbal67

    Fresh to salt

    live rock is key in cycling a tank with best results. try to get as much rock up front as you can. and some will say save money and have some base rock in there,... base rock wont cycle a tank or have the beneficial bacteria you need to have better water conditions. if you cant afford to get...
  13. cymbal67

    sick/dying fish

    something other than it being new (8 months isnt new) or a 55g is doing this. too many people have tangs in 55g with no issues, for that to be it. there is no telling what it is yet, but its not simply the age or size of tank, thats for sure.
  14. cymbal67

    Freaking nitrates wont drop

    you can try adding mangroves to your fuge, they absorb trates. and also a phos reactor with nitrate removing media in it instead of phos ban.
  15. cymbal67

    Metal Halide Purchase.. wise?

    take a look at the coralife 1 x 150w MH HQI 10k, 2 x 65w actinics, and 2 led moon lights. it comes with either 150w or 250w MH HQI. i have a 30" deep 118g corner and i started with the 150w (retro kit, ballasts are external so i thought i could always change up to the 250w if wanted to), and...
  16. cymbal67

    new hammer

    should be huge when it opens up
  17. cymbal67

    brain not opening

    i have mine on the sandbed of a 30" deep tank with 150w hqi MH and 2 65w actinics. so its not all that much light considering 30"deep. here is a pic of how much this thing opens up.
  18. cymbal67

    brain not opening

    try putting some DT in the tank
  19. cymbal67

    My first death, bummer (suicide)

    thanks, i will do that.
  20. cymbal67

    My first death, bummer (suicide)

    i know!! damn $150 fish was the one who had to jump over