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  1. goingpoor

    best clown

    wow im just blown away by all the imput thanks everyone
  2. goingpoor

    best clown

    What would be the best clown to purchase for my riterie? as you can see in the picture below i already have a maroon clown hosting my rbta
  3. goingpoor

    please help id

    i cant find anything that looks like this and no one else ever knows...this stuff is very corse and dosent harm my coral at all my gsp have just grown over it and so has my what it is micro or macro.i had a friend takes these pictures for me my camera just broke down the other day ...
  4. goingpoor

    its been pictures

    THANK YOU>>>I HAVE HAD MY SYSTEM UP AND RUNNING FOR 5 YEARS STARTED WITH A 75 gallon.but its probably only been about 2 years of insanly buying corals and rock ..and its mandy moore singing : )
  5. goingpoor

    its been pictures

    i got read of my hippo tangs they started eating my zenia..and my pink tube anenomie because he kept nabbing up my little chromis..hope you all enjoy : )
  6. goingpoor

    Anemone ID help

    Originally Posted by ViPeR_930 I'm leaning towards ritteri. im agreeing with the ritteri
  7. goingpoor

    My New Frags!! PHOTOS

    awsome new addtions
  8. goingpoor

    My 4x20 long inhabitants

    awsome how you have them set up
  9. goingpoor

    Anenomone Contest!!!!!!!

    wow cool ..........wish you luck with him splitting
  10. goingpoor

    just got a new camera

    freaking awsome pictures i was looking at that camera to but to much money for me so i got the canon a560 but nothing comparable to this awsome again im jealious : )
  11. goingpoor

    Anenomone Contest!!!!!!!

    Originally Posted by ccampbell57 Here is a picture of my Rose Bubble (more orange than Rose) absoluty love this picture have you had him split yet?????
  12. goingpoor

    new camera loven it

    Canon A560 Power Shot 7.1 Mp 4x Digital Zoom Only 149.99 At Circit I Wish I Could Figure It Out Better It Has Macro Zoom But Dont Know How To Us BUT ON THE BRIGHT SIDE IT HAS A SETTING FOR AQUARIUMS....
  13. goingpoor

    new camera loven it

    thank you....still trying to figure out my
  14. goingpoor

    Well i tryed to beat the odds and lost : (

    ya thats a elephant ear behind him and i said he was about 6 inches! and the angle of the picture does not do him any justince in size....i havent really thoght about what im going to replace him with i always liked the blue and brown powder tangs .....
  15. goingpoor

    Well i tryed to beat the odds and lost : (

    Well i tryed to beat the odds and lost : (............I have had my Niger trigger for 2 years sence he was teny tiny never had any problems with him.I took a trip to mwc yesterday and picked up a cabbage leather ,well about a hour after is was in my tank my trigger took a huge bite out of it a...
  16. goingpoor

    Why am i even asking if I can put this in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The Holy Grail of the Scorpionfish clan, the Rhinopias are as spectacular as they are expensive. Seldom collected and much in demand, be sure to grab them fast when available. Non-aggressive, but they can swallow fishes nearly as large as they are! Don't house with curious fishes such as...
  17. goingpoor

    How To Take Paint Of Of Acrylic???????????

    i no longer even have this tank this thread is from last year i have a 180 know ...i dont know about if it was brake cleaner or what but the front corner gave out in that tank!!!!!!