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  1. jmj6239

    is this too tight??

    try some mesh over the top and securing that with the rubberband, or stick it in a container with mesh over the top and gravel on the bottom, just make sure the water dosent go stagnet.
  2. jmj6239

    anyone do this

    most of them head further south Arizona, Texas, and florida. there are very few on here.
  3. jmj6239


    depends on what type Acro's imo no, Monti's probably.
  4. jmj6239

    torch coral

    bone cutter
  5. jmj6239

    anyone do this

    suction cups dont last long enough, go with magnets, you can custom make them easily.
  6. jmj6239

    Glue Question

    it should be but compare the active ingredints to Crazy Glue Gel.
  7. jmj6239

    Fragging this mushroom coral

    yes it is read further into this area there are directions here, Im trying to get to them also.
  8. jmj6239

    is this too tight??

    are you trying to frag it or attach it, if you are trying to attach then yes I'd say too tight. if you are trying to cut it in 2 then use a razor blade instead.
  9. jmj6239

    coral banded shrimp

    Ive had a few Coral bandeds none have ever shown agression, I hand feed mine, it also lives within inches of my cleaner shrimp. If I remember my reading arent CBS cleaners as well? just not as common in them! I think I may have witnessed this a couple of times after lights out.
  10. jmj6239

    Orange Monti Cap FT/FS

    I Must make rooom! How about $10 for the large cap frags and the buttons and $2 for the small cap frags! make some offers!
  11. jmj6239

    Orange Monti Cap FT/FS

    I have a number of Orange Monti Cap frags available $5 for Small (approx Nickle to Quarter size) and Larger ones (2+ inches) for $15, a colony of green Button polyps 20+ polyps, as well as Free Chaeto. I prefer Trades, and will take about anything I Dont have but Zoas! I'll be shipping on...
  12. jmj6239

    live rock in sump, yes??? no???

    I've heard this works using small live rock pieces, as for specifics wait for someone who has tried it for info.
  13. jmj6239

    Anybody have an Idaho grape monti cap...

    what kind of light do you have it under?
  14. jmj6239

    What is the best urchin for a reef?

    none mine is becoming more trouble than it is worth.
  15. jmj6239

    fox coral

    everyone is going to want to know about your tank, Age, Water paramerters, inhabitants, ect.
  16. jmj6239

    removal help asap

    why not? they are hard to totally get rid of by cutting them off if you dont get everything, the reminates will regrow. You could chip off a small piece of rock under it, or attempt pull it with a dull knife, or try to cut it away. If you get it off you can send it to me.
  17. jmj6239

    Septic Tanks & Water Wells

    Dont put water from water changes in them either. the salt isn't good for them.
  18. jmj6239

    Anyone join the Air Force to go to college?

    Asmtha is going to be a limiting factor getting in to the military. you may be able to slip through, but I wouldn't count on it.
  19. jmj6239

    S. Florida / keys shore diving???

    is there any decent shore diving in south florida and the keys??? any recomendations? lodging charters?