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  1. sharkbait9

    Keep my husband in your thoughts today....

    thoughts and prayers for you and your husband. I can't read this thread, with your updated no call/text replies. My heart was in my stomach. Glad everything was ok.
  2. sharkbait9

    A Great Man has Left Us

    Sorry to read about your fathers passing. thoughts and prayers.
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    i've seen 2 dead bodies this week....

    Originally Posted by lovethesea oh gawd......I vote for Jenny as my neighbor Really???? that kind of neighbor lets you put your head on the pillow at night a little easier? You would rather have neighbors get all up in your business? I vote for CFR. at least, my business is my business...
  4. sharkbait9

    Turn in your neighbor, be a good citizen

    Originally Posted by ruaround oscarduece and the rest of you politiheads this pics for you!!! That picture gave this thread some merit. These threads are pointless, everyone is just pushing a brick wall, your only get tired.
  5. sharkbait9

    Looking for some T-5 opinions

    Starting a 40 breeder with a 36” nova extreme pro. This tank is going to host mainly SPS and LPS with some of my more rare zoas. Its my understanding from other users that the nova extreme pro is not that great of a T-5 fixture, but I figure at a depth of 18” the light should be able to support...
  6. sharkbait9

    need some plumbing opinions

    Thanks for the reply. Its been a while since I’ve been on the board. I’m not used to not seeing the old members jumping on to answer questions or throw an opinion out. I was fighting with myself about going single or dual 1 inch drains. I was also looking to see If I could find the drain rate...
  7. sharkbait9

    need some plumbing opinions

    anyone???? gezz i know its been a while since i been on the board but damn this is crazy.
  8. sharkbait9

    need some plumbing opinions

    Originally Posted by Posiden I myself am confused on your return. Will that be 2" pipe and split the returns or, two 3/4" return lines off the pump? You state that the return will be a 2x3/4 drain. the return will be 3/4 pipe split with a T fitting for 2 returns. One 3/4 return on each side of...
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    need some plumbing opinions

    anyone? no comments? any the old timers still hang on the board or did they all leave and go to other boards?
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    need some plumbing opinions

    Need some opinions with a new set up I’m working on. The new tank is a 40 breeder. Dimensions are 36 L X 18 w X 16 H. From sump floor to top of the tank is 4.5 feet. The tank will have one 1” drain with a 90* screened drain cap. The return will be 2 x ¾ drains. The return pump is a mag 9.5...
  11. sharkbait9

    Senior Prom

    Congrats. Got to be rough knowing hes going into the marines. Good luck.
  12. sharkbait9

    Redsea Aiptasia-x

    Originally Posted by Tizzo Oh I agree with you that the stuff is awesome! I was concerned that Brian said id didn't work for him. I never tried it on hydroids, but my flame back angel ate them if you can believe that. really, your flameback angel??? Well now thats interesting. The only real...
  13. sharkbait9

    Redsea Aiptasia-x

    all i can say is that on aptasia it works great with out a doubt. on hyds it will work also but a couple of treatments will kill them off. So far my tanks are pest free now.
  14. sharkbait9

    Apitasia Removal..HELP!
  15. sharkbait9

    MACNA will in held in AC

    Originally Posted by gman08016 Would you rather it be in camden they have a aquarium. good point
  16. sharkbait9

    MACNA will in held in AC

    Well i will have to go and see whats new this year. i wonder what guest speakers will be attending and speaking.
  17. sharkbait9

    Returning to the Hobby

    welcome hang around and learn some new tricks of the trade.
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    Where to go Diving??

    Originally Posted by 1journeyman Ive dove Bonaire quite a bit. It's the best diving I've found in the Caribbean (which is to say it doesn't hold a candle to the Pacific but its good...) that about sums it up. Aruba is a vast open ocean with sand with little color
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    Peta Is Dumb

    damn hippies
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    check out what I did to mah lunch date...

    thats just funny. I love it. way to go