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  1. reefforbrains

    Now that's some wood.

    I used to be a shop squirrel. Always building something. Went sorta off the deep end and made some pretty big changes but I'm back at it again. Mostly briar pipes and the occasional furniture piece just for the hump of it when the mood strikes me. And yeah. Mods?..hope you enjoyed your...
  2. reefforbrains

    Already Bang Guy??

    Happy belated, Sir.
  3. reefforbrains

    Your Favorite Forums Memory

    Haha, perfect timing to come staggering back in. Yes Tobin. The pain in the arse. Greatly missed and thought about often. Favorites include many goofy builds and mad scientist acts from our collective membership. It used to be quite active and many of us knew one another close and stayed in...
  4. reefforbrains

    This is messed up!

    boy this is embarrassing...I knew I should have visited more. Dont worry.. I'll talk to her.
  5. reefforbrains

    What car do you drive?

    Aqua- dont forget the spoiler! Rims, Skirts, tinted and rims....To a teen they are like cryptonite. Dont be too hard on the lad. Least he went chevy.
  6. reefforbrains

    What car do you drive?

    Pez, Congrats! your now a chevy guy. You are laid back and generally go with the flow so it is with a tinge of hurt that I have to now tell you you hate something. You now officially hate fords..welcome to the club.
  7. reefforbrains

    Flower waves too much

    There is a certain something lacking now in these parts.. My own life turned inside out so I too am on the list of misfit toys I suppose. I remember seeing and reading others that when the place was close we would share emails and even conversations and lunches to those of us that were local...
  8. reefforbrains

    Leaving the hobby

    QUITTER!! Hahahaha Ok, you already know I say it in jest. I do obviously lurk and even go so far as to type out the occasional response then delete before posting it as I typically have the anti band wagon position that tends to come out as abrasive. For better, or for worse. I am always glad...
  9. reefforbrains

    Waste of Money

    Boy I know I am outnumbered on this one but the Cent has it's place in commerce. Fractional change allows tighter margins and more diversity in the marketplace. More exact pricing of widgets that can be both quantified for distribution but also dissasembled again at market to recapture the...
  10. reefforbrains

    How much house can I afford?

    I am also in and out of California. You know better than to be a statistic. Market is softened but certainly NOT cheap compared to the rest of the nation. Spending 150 on a house may indeed be manditory even for a complete wreck, but trying to use the common excuse that your average houses cost...
  11. reefforbrains

    im curious???

  12. reefforbrains

    OH my Freaking God

    I have my feelings that are always abundant with pointy corners and sharp edges but this is about celebration. No matter how inconvenient, no matter how stupid or unplanned some might label it. It is a life changing event. Furthermore to know that your close enough with your own daughter for her...
  13. reefforbrains

    Gay Commercial

    No difference to me. Both are very obvious wrongs...but both still funny and still do not constitute membership alliances with any hate group or ill character in the individual. Difference with my own interpretations is only that there is no ignorance to hide behind for purposes of casting...
  14. reefforbrains

    Gay Commercial

    I don't know what planet you live on but calling something gay because it is funny or should be ridiculed IS insulting. My personal orientation is irrelevent but still does tend to mold my sensitivities. This does not dillute my position that- Just because I am not insulted...and so naturally I...
  15. reefforbrains

    of all the people i could hit.

    Just making my token rounds. Always nice when the kids come home for the holidays. Glad your ok. But I am a little bummed, I for one would have much preferred to have read about you finally snapping and lashing out with 95 lbs of fury on the world...
  16. reefforbrains

    I knew they were real.

    So were you able to get both of them with one pass?
  17. reefforbrains

    See ya all later

    have a nice life.
  18. reefforbrains

    ROLL CALL! Just reply and write "PRESENT"

    You say "part" of you collection. What else do you collect? I had thought this was discussed in the past. I have been very active with cents for many years now. Just on the saltboards I always get ridiculed so I never bothered showing off any of my collections. Trust me like any proud...
  19. reefforbrains

    ROLL CALL! Just reply and write "PRESENT"

    Originally Posted by Bang Guy That Chain Cent is amazing, is it yours? Bang, figures you would recognize it. I thought you only did bullion.