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    Frogspawn losing heads.....

    I kinda remember reading somewhere that another way of procreation is dropping heads. What is the health of the mother and the (potential) babies? BTW, ask Joe about his newly acquired fetish for nail polish...
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    Lets get serious... why are CUCs so advocated to new hobbyists?

    My opinion is that CUC is stressed to newcomers is because it is often overlooked in new tanks, and often newcomers lack the "observe and respond" ability. Don't confuse 'respond' with 'react'. I think it was Saxman who said some time long ago that one must observe and respond to the changing...
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    overrun with baby brittles?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Flower I will pay the shipping if you will send them to me....I will take all you want rid of. Shipping is easy, PM me if you want to do this, and I will tall you how to go about it. Don't listen to Flower..send them to ME!! My Sixline will be happy for a week!...nom...
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    8 Cubic Feet of Ocean - My 50G Mixed Reef Build.

    Quote: Originally Posted by acrylic51 Subscribed...... Me too!
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    Mp10 not working

    Good to hear your issue is now being addressed. I've had a pair of MP10s for about 2 years without a hint of a problem. I've always heard Ecotech service is top notch, thanks for sharing your experience with that so far. Let us know when your issue is resolved to your satisfaction.
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    Spanko's bio cube, what in Posiden's name is he up to now?

    Thanks Henry! Looking forward to your shadowbox background build thread!
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    Can't pass up free corals!!!

    That is a great cache of free coral. Time to up your game with water parameters.
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    The elusive mandarin bird

    Great pic, beautiful bird! Good luck with the RG!!
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    Spanko's bio cube, what in Posiden's name is he up to now?

    WOW!! That was well worth the wait! Only thing missing is an FTS...
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    showed up this morning

    What snails are in the tank? You will need confirmation from others, but they look like eggs to me...
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    So I bought a gun... Few interesting facts about that...

    Quote: Originally Posted by SnakeBlitz33 Ive owned guns since i was 6. But i didnt have unsupervised time with them until i started hunting at 16 by myself. You have to trust yourself and trust your kids. Until they do something to loose your trust. Ill teach my daughter to respect guns and how...
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    Young man at pet store

    Quote: Originally Posted by REEFR I agree with BangGuy's method. +1 That is the way I do it. Quote: Originally Posted by PEZenfuego I understand and I have had bad experiences with being careless and swallowing saltwater (and even skimmate). That makes me wretch just thinking about it....
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    Firefish- Jumper

    Look on the bright side, your CUC had a great Holiday dinner!
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    starting a refugium Whats in yours

    I have a 4.6g HOB refugium with about 1 1/2" of sand that I robbed from the DT, a couple hand fulls of LR rubble and a grapefruit-sized ball of cheato. What type of light are you thinking of using? I run my 'fuge lights opposite the DT lights.
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    Help me stay sane

    Here is a thread on using a fish trap, I've had great luck with it and have loaned it out to others who also had great luck:
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    So I bought a gun... Few interesting facts about that...

    I just googled "safety bullet"....never heard of them before, pretty cool.
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    So I bought a gun... Few interesting facts about that...

    Quote: Originally Posted by TheClemsonKid Looks like Newtown and Aurora were good for business... Citizens are concerned. We are in unknown territory. The perceived threat is no longer from outside.
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    Calvin Johnson is going for 2000 receiving yards Sunday... never been done before.

    Quote: Originally Posted by crimzy But even some people around here dismiss the record because it's being done on a team that's going nowhere fast. I don't know about that, Barry Sanders is highly revered. But yeah, the Lions suck, but who am I to poo-poo your record...
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    The original murder was done with a jawbone of an ass. It could have been done with a rock or a pointy stick. I've posted before that to outlaw murder we must eliminate criminal intent. Good luck with that.... Or ban thumbs, or maybe trigger fingers. Maybe the french had it right when they...
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    So I bought a gun... Few interesting facts about that...

    I am the only one in my office without a CCW permit. I intend to fix that very soon. My county Sheriff's office offers many firearm courses from basic safety through "how not to be a victim" to "personal protection outside the home' on top of the CCW cert. class. These will cost me about $320...