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  1. ackermsb

    Skimmer on New Cycle

    If I put a protein skimmer on a tank that is brand new and just starting to cycle, should it be collecting anything in its cup? About at what point should the skimmer start collecting in the life of a new tank? Thanks
  2. ackermsb

    stingray egg

    Very cool!!! LEts see some full tank shots
  3. ackermsb

    Yo Momma Jokes

    Yo mama so fat she wore high heels and struck oil!
  4. ackermsb

    Good Jokes

    Anyone know and really funny jokes?
  5. ackermsb

    Streaming Media and back-end Web Design

    I was curious if anyone on this site is in either of these two fields? Im starting a company and would be interested in talking to a few experts about streaming media and the heavier programming side of web design. Lemme know!
  6. ackermsb

    Fuzzy dwarf lion

    OH MY GOSH!!! What a story. I cant believe it was still alive after that attack. Even though it didnt make it, thats one tough fish
  7. ackermsb

    Any take the GMAT before?

    Yea I work full-time and go to school part-time. It has been quite taxing since I havent had a semester off in almost 3 years but I will finish summer session I. 6 weeks shy of three years, 2 classes per semester including summers. But it was great!!! It will be nice to finished but I like...
  8. ackermsb

    Any take the GMAT before?

    I took mine about 3 years ago and now I have 2 classes left to graduate. yyeeaaaa!!! I remember I just bought a study book, studied for about 3 weeks and went and took it. Some people spend a lot of money to take the classes but my feeling is that it is a waste of money. If I remember...
  9. ackermsb

    Good Video Games?

    All of the GTA's
  10. ackermsb

    NFL PLAYOFFS: Go Ravens!!!

    I can man up. Im right here. And there is no way the Colts are better than the Ravens but there were on that day!!! But thats the beaut of the NFL. Any given day! It's been a rough week here in Bmore due to some unexpected flat play by our usually solid Offensive Line. Seems they...
  11. ackermsb

    anyone play electric guitar

    I play the electric 4-string mandolin Ill post a pic when I get my new one. Its getting built as I write this. yyyeeeaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. ackermsb

    What do you do for a living?

    Im an IT project manager by day, finishing up an MBA in the evenings, play in a band on the weekends and in my spare time and starting a company
  13. ackermsb

    difference in live sand?

    IMO: All you need is one bad of "live sand" from this site and fill the rest with play sand from homedepot. Eventually all your sand will become "alive" and you spent the bare minimum. You can search on here for the exact type of sand you need from HD or Lowes
  14. ackermsb

    NFL PLAYOFFS: Go Ravens!!!

    Originally Posted by ScubaDoo Yep..the argument he should appear in the Ravens press guide..yet never played a down for them does not make football sense. Perhaps the nfl should start a new team.....players that used to play for a team...but they moved so they must now appear in movers press...
  15. ackermsb

    NFL PLAYOFFS: Go Ravens!!!

    Originally Posted by ruaround did you not read my post??? i said they played for the Colts... which is a franchise... should every person from dallas be mad at the cheifs??? how about every person from either dalls or KC be mad about Houstons mascot??? what about every person in St. Louis angry...
  16. ackermsb

    Wet/Dry or Sump/Fuge

    Sounds like an awesome setup. Cant wait to see it.!!! Just dont tell anyone your gonna play loud music in the room or the music police will come down on your aZZZ!! ha
  17. ackermsb

    NFL PLAYOFFS: Go Ravens!!!

    Bull crap. They played in Baltimore. There heart and soul is in Baltimore. They don't give a crap about Indy I can tell you that. You think they want to be in there media guide. Ha!!! Im sure Unitas rolls over in his grave every time that thing gets printed. There stars in Baltimore and...
  18. ackermsb

    setting up a refugium....

    I posted pics under new hobbyist of my wet/dry with fuge setup search under my username and take a look. It will give you a good visual reference of one way to do it
  19. ackermsb

    Wet/Dry or Sump/Fuge

    Pool sticks, drunk people and fish tanks can be a deadly combination
  20. ackermsb

    NFL PLAYOFFS: Go Ravens!!!

    Im not talking about the score, Im talking about the POST ABOVE that says the NFC record in divisional home games is 29-3 or something like that. And whats stupid about. R u gonna tell me the bears offense is any good!!! That Rex Grossman is being treated unfairly. Are you gonna tell me the...