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  1. hefner413

    Which clownfish to get?

    Thanks guys! Great info.
  2. hefner413

    These LEDs any good?

    I'm thinking of replacing my Coralife Lunar Aqualight Compact Fluorescent Fixture, 4X96 Watt, 72 inch that is over my 180 gallon. I saw these ******** on sale on Amazon and I'm thinking of getting 2x of them. I have a 180 gallon FOWLR. Anybody have any experience with LED's that can tell me...
  3. hefner413

    I'm back!

    This is so cool. How did they do?
  4. hefner413

    Which clownfish to get?

    I'm working on stocking my 180. I would like to add 2-3 clownfish. I was initially going to get some simple false perculas, but then I started thinking about the other options. Specifically, I'm thinking of getting either a Snowflake or a Black Ice Snowflake pair / trio. I also plan to get...
  5. hefner413

    Troubles with an eel and a lion

    Hey FOWLR13, how's it going? Any luck with the lion eating? And with your eel escaping, simply putting mesh over your overflow will keep them out. What type of eel is it? My zebra never tried to get out, but my snowflake jumped out on my floor once, but luckily survived.
  6. hefner413

    Help on aggressive fish

    The prob with eels is that they likely will knock over coral. I can't tell from your pic on my phone, but if you have hard corals..then this will be a problem. If you have mainly soft coral, you could possibly have a small eel. But another problem with many eels are that they are pigs. So water...
  7. hefner413

    So, New tank......

    Hey rad. Nice job newbie! :) I just caught up on your thread.. it's been a couple years since I've spent much time here on swf. I'm finally giving more attention to my fowler.. but seeing yours kinda makes me want to consider starting a reef again... Well, until I remember how much more work...
  8. hefner413

    Hefner's 180 Thread

    Any feedback on additions? Here's my ultimate goal: to stop using fresh frozen seafood because my schedule is tight and feeding has become more of a chore than a hobby. Thus I hope to only use pellets and seaweed. I could supplement frozen every once in a while if needed... SO... so far...
  9. hefner413

    Hefner's 180 Thread

    Well, it's been a few *years* since my last update for my tank. Guess I'm a bit overdue, huh?! Sorry about that... I use to get so frustrated with others for doing that. Anyway, the tank was moved to the new house in the summer of 2010. THAT was fun. A ton of 5 gallon buckets, a couple...
  10. hefner413

    Is my PVC essential for my EEL?

    I just moved and I'm in the process of moving my 180... yeah... fun. Anyway, my eels (3ft Zebra and 2ft Snowflake) are resting in a 55 gallon with some LR while I'm setting up the 180. I've had them for a couple years now. But now it is really fun to see them out and about in the 55. In the...
  11. hefner413

    280g FOWLR Tank Diary

    Not sure if you already posted this, but what type of sand is that? And how much? Looks pretty cool.
  12. hefner413

    Advice for moving my 180?

    The 180 has been up for a couple years. The sand has moved around some, but not much. The eel lives in a 3inch pvc, thus doesn't dig much. So there is definitely a lot of older untouched sand in the bottom of the tank. So you would recommend rinsing this with some old water? Makes sense.
  13. hefner413

    Advice for moving my 180?

    So how long would you leave a 180 "settle" before adding back the livestock? I assume this is the most vulnerable stage for a spike?   Would you transport the 180 gallons of old saltwater from the old to the new setup? Or would you just make new?   Also, any special precautions that I should...
  14. hefner413

    Advice for moving my 180?

    Awesome info! Thanks so much for the tips. I assumed this was the general plan, but wasn't sure on the best sequence. I'm just glad I'm not moving very far...   Thanks again!
  15. hefner413

    my 435 gallon tank in wall see through upgrade

    Just be careful with that powder brown. ick...
  16. hefner413

    Advice for moving my 180?

    Hey guys. I'm moving across town. I have to move my 180 glass and 55 quarantine. I have all aggressive fish and 2 large eels.   I have to move this thing... and hoping to get some advice on how to make the transition. Anyone?   Thanks!
  17. hefner413

    280g FOWLR Tank Diary

    Are you going to put a bottom on over the hardwood floor? I'm about to move my 180 to my new house and will likely seal the inside of the stand in the event of my wet/dry overflowing. Then I have water alarms inside the stand to alert of the leak. In my old house, it leaked onto the hardwood...
  18. hefner413

    280g FOWLR Tank Diary

    I have a zebra and a snowflake and I have many small hermits, small snails, a couple choc chip stars, some brittle stars, a knobby star, a few conch, and sea urchins. Also have a few mushroom coral and anemone. My other aggressive fish in the tank don't mind them too much overall. My big choc...
  19. hefner413

    Beautiful Lionfish for sale

    I see you've got 3 posts. Sorry, but I doubt you'll have many more - with that user name at least. I don't live near an area to catch fish, but that just seems wrong anyway - to dive and catch for "personal use" and then sell. Don't the divers that catch and sell to places like have...
  20. hefner413

    Eel agressive??

    My zebra is docile as anything. My SFE is a bit aggressive. But my general rule over the years - if they're hungry - anything's game. But yeah - as cranberry said. They're attitude can definitely evolve over time for sure.