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    Please enlighten me.

    Well according to my searches wrasses are related to parrot fish (which have the rapid adipose fin movement) which are distantly related to triggerfish so i have a loose connection. Also parrotfish do not eat coral and rather try to get at the algae near or on the coral.
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    Great thread my mum wanted to get a blue ringed octopus in our 140 but i IMMEDIATELY Warned her against it. 1. open top easy for him to escape 2. Deathly poisonous could kill anyone of us 3. would kill everything in the tank. I must say though octopuses are amazing and i would love to get one...
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    WHY we have aquariums :)

    yes. no pictures but our cats are ALWAYS on top of the freshies (the only ones with lids). If not they are trying to catch the fish through the glass LOL.
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    Your Best Aquarium Stories Featured Monthly!

    Great story sip you sure do have a lot of them.
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    A question i have pondered over for many a month

    How well could MODERN man survive without electricity? What i think. modern man would be able to survive without electricity but in places like urban America and the UK many would find it VERY hard to adapt and many people would starve to death there also wouldn't be enough agricultural land in...
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    RIP Smokin Joe

    Never understood a thing about boxing/wrestling never heard of anyone who has wrestled/boxed i am however intrested in martial arts (not wanting to hijack the thread).
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    Please enlighten me.

    Oh i think this would better be suited to the aquarium.
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    Please enlighten me.

    So i haven't done any research on this but i have a feeling that the six line wrasse is a distant relative of the trigger family. i say this because for a long time i have noticed triggers and the six line (and eight line ) all have a rapidly moving dorsal/adipose fin am i right or wrong.
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    Great tangs everyone keep them coming.
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    This is GREAT news siptang!
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    LOVE the PBT and your other two tangs i'm not going to come tang policing after you because i know how sentimental you are about this. USUALLY i rant and rant and rant at someone who did that but for reasons stated above i won't
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    Algae Starfish

    Quote: Originally Posted by meowzer You have a 3Gallon tank?????????????? Yes)3)G'S)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    First)of)all)i)need)to)apologise)for)lack)of)spaces)the)space)bar)is)not)working But)what)is)this)myth)about)tapwater)isn't)good)for)tanks)longeterm?Now)don't)get)me)wrongilikeRO the)only)reason)it)isn't)used)is)because)it)costs)alot)more)in)evaporation.We)have)been)SWaquarists...
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    Something to say.

    This thread mean not no disrespect to ANY other community members but i would like to say something (mods delete this thread if you think it is inappropriate). It seems to me that every time i start a thread people start commenting on things that i do and say. I DO take note that some of the...
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    Alvepora doing great.

    Out alveopora is doing great even though we are fairly inexperienced reefers pics once i find the camera. but can anyone shed some light on this It became Happier when the nitrates increased why? Summary of it's existence with us coming tommorow for people who would like info on keeping it happy.
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    ReeferChiefs 65G Reef Oasis...PICS

    Great looking tank
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    EDIT:see below
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    Reef balls.

    Just read about it an article (sorry i should have explained better.)
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    Reef balls.

    So reef balls rest in peace knowing you did your bit for the marine environment. Reef ball summary. Cremated The ashes are put into a 1.8m thick concrete ball The concrete ball is lowered down to the bottom of a reef providing a new and rich habitat for marine inverts and corals. It is adopted...