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    would these be ok together? is there any type of ell i could get?
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    i gonna get a 75. heres my stocklist. radiata lionfish or antennata lionfish or both if possible 2 fuzzy dwarfs common anglerfish (antennarius spp.) yellow leaf fish( taeniontus triacanthus) ill post more ideas later
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    lion capatability

    would it be ok if i kept 2 fuzzy dwarfs amd a volition or a radiata together?
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    red slime

    my rocks in my tank are completely covered with red slime that is about 1/2 of an inch thick. if i peel it off it comes back in a few days. would it be ok to squirt it off with a water hose?
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    brine shrimp

    do you have to refridgerate the eggs once opening the capsule? thought i heard that somewhere before. just makin sure
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    i have noticed alot of flatworms in my 20 gallon tank. how could i get rid of them or do i need to? could they harm my two ocelaris clownfish. is there any products to get rid of them?
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    misbar probability

    oh sorry, the probability that a clownfish will not form three normal stripes
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    misbar probability

    does anyone know the misbar probabilty in ocelaris clownfish?
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    body changes just before laying eggs?

    when their ready to lay eggs the female will lower her ovipositor. ( egg delivery tube)
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    brine shrimp

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    brine shrimp

    i have hatched my brine shrimp in san francisco bays hatchery. i have moved them to a seperate contaianer to raise them. in this case i used their hatch mix and i see that it contains aquarium salt commonly used in salt water. in my clown fishes book it says the water should be between 1.010 and...
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    Help Starting Breeding Clownfish Tank!!!

    thanks again!
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    Setting up a breeder tank

    if you just want to raise one batch all u will need is a ten. if u want to raise more than one batch u will need more tanks due to there different food requirements. if ur gonna just use one tank add a sponge filter to the parents tank so it can obtain beneficial bacteria. after most of the...
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    weird clown behavior

    if hes wild caught he might do that because hes not used to aquarium life yet
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    water changes my view

    i have had my 20 for over a year and a half and i have probaly not even changed 5 gallons of the water, i just top it off and my levels are always perfect
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    Help Starting Breeding Clownfish Tank!!!

    is there a way to catch bristleworms from my display and put in my clown breeding tanks
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    1st time eggs

    the eggs were gone or did they hatch and get eaten?