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  1. katiev

    Noisy Neighbors...What to do?

    Um, I'm a college student. I go to school, then I come home and do homework. Those who suggest I "stop being nosy and find something else to do rather than sit around my apartment," what do you propose? I simply not return home until evening? ...? I hear screaming and barking OVER the sounds...
  2. katiev

    Noisy Neighbors...What to do?

    Originally Posted by EL GUAPO Welcome to the real world . Now relax and find something to do with your life besides worry about what the neighbors are doing . I wouldn't worry if it weren't disrupting my own life. I have to listen to it all day. Doesn't matter whether or not the...
  3. katiev

    Noisy Neighbors...What to do?

    I live in a second-story apartment, and my living room, dining room, kitchen, and balcony overlook a house in the adjoining subdivision. I've deduced that the neighboring family consists of a stay-at-home mom, two young boys (maybe 4 and 8?), a father who is only home in the evening, and a nice...
  4. katiev

    A sad day for my tank

    Sorry to hear that. :( What kind of grouper do you have?
  5. katiev

    Federer vs Nadal

    I rooted for Nadal...just 'cause I wanted him to break Federer's winning streak.
  6. katiev

    wisdom teeth removed

    Do not, absolutely not, eat the following today, tomorrow, or this week: chips and salsa, a loaded chicken wrap, salad, etc. This is how my husband ended up with a jaw infection, an inability to open his mouth for two+ weeks, and the most horrendous breath I've ever smelled. I don't want to get...
  7. katiev

    Undulated Triggers

    Originally Posted by slackjawed 1 lunar wrasp 1 dragon wrasp Just FYI...they're wrasses, not wrasps. There's no 'p' sound in there. :)
  8. katiev

    new home cost

    For a year, I worked as an Admin. Asst. for a real estate office. I can't think of a single instance when a full asking price offer was made. I'm sure it happened a few times, but in relation to the number of lower than asking price offers...
  9. katiev

    My Lionfish Tattoo! :)

    Originally Posted by KevinTheShrimp so all this talk about tattoos mmmm lol I am getting my 3/4 sleeve finished on the 11th haha! I couldnt wait any longer I have been dying! so here I come pics will be up shortly after! Can't wait! I probably won't be getting anything done until late this...
  10. katiev

    My Lionfish Tattoo! :)

    Nope, no burning. The tattoo stops hurting almost immediately (it's only painful when I put A&D ointment on it, for the first few days), but my muscles feel really sore in that area, like I just worked out for hours.
  11. katiev

    List all types of animals YOUVE owned

    Dogs, cats, lizards, sugar glider, rats, SW fish, snakes, rabbits, horse, chickens, turkeys, birds. I think that's it, but maybe I'm forgetting something...
  12. katiev

    My Lionfish Tattoo! :)

    jtrzerocool, that's a really interesting take on a koi. Most people go for the classic Japanese style. I applaud you.
  13. katiev

    My Lionfish Tattoo! :)

    Originally Posted by KevinTheShrimp oh boy so far total in hours gosh! um around 17 hours and not done :( still have to color everythign and when I am done it will be a 3/4 sleeve... so were looking at another 12-14 hours but its worth it and. I am in the military so i cant get a full sleeve or...
  14. katiev

    Ha Ha Ha

    Ouch. Photoshop for Dummies needed, pronto.
  15. katiev

    Want to see the people who frequent this site..

    This is me, on my wedding day:
  16. katiev

    My Lionfish Tattoo! :)

    Thanks, Mimzy! His name is Joel Donnigan, and he's located in little ol' Medford, Oregon. I used to live there. Now I have to drive four hours if I want to get work done. :/ Kevin, looks good. :) How many hours do you have going there? I started planning my tattoos when I was 14, so I've had...
  17. katiev

    My Lionfish Tattoo! :)

    I've had this completed for almost a year now, but I've never gotten around to sharing it with you folks. Obviously, I let my tattoo artist take some creative liberty. This was done in three sittings. It's the start of a ocean-themed half sleeve; I'm trying to stick to Red Sea species. I'm not...
  18. katiev

    Obama wins!

    I'm rather glad. Hilary just seems like a, erm, unfriendly person. Like, if I was her neighbor, and I needed a cup of sugar, she'd either try to sell it to me or slam the door in my face.
  19. katiev

    How much are you spending a week on groceries?

    I can manage on $50 a week for me and my husband, but that's just for staple stuff. I usually go the store for specific items throughout the week though, i.e. chicken, seafood, broth, fresh herbs, etc. I can't plan meals in advance for some reason.
  20. katiev

    milkshake recipe

    I make soy milk and banana shakes. That's all there is to it - a whole banana and ice-cold soy milk. The banana makes it thicker. Sometimes I use chocolate soy milk instead of plain. My husband thinks it's disgusting.