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  1. dcel22

    Allergic Reaction

    I am thinking it could be zoos from reading about them before. My brother had just started a tank and some of his corals were not doing well so we moved them to my tank. I would assume they were stressed out and giving toxins. I take it you just kept taking benadryl or something of that sort...
  2. dcel22

    Allergic Reaction

    The other day I was putting some new frags in my tank and had a great idea. Why not put my hand in my tank with a small cut. Well regardless the last two days I have been getting allergic reactions, hives all down my arms and legs. I have a feeling it might have something to do with my reef...
  3. dcel22

    Zoanthid Propogation

    Ok so if it wouldn't be a bad thing to put one poly on 5 rocks then?
  4. dcel22

    Zoanthid Propogation

    Do you need more than one zoanthid on a rock for more to grow? What number works best for growth. I want to start fraging so I can get a few small rocks to trade for different frags.
  5. dcel22

    Help Xenia and Kenya Tree Dieing

    The temperature is now down to 80 degrees. I take it I can buy some type of additive and I will have to keep adding that in order for my corraline to remain. As far as my soft corals I would assume they would be fine without adding some sort of buffer?
  6. dcel22

    Help Xenia and Kenya Tree Dieing

    I have a 72 gallon bow front tank with 2 250watt 20k DE MH bulbs which I run for 8-10 hours per day. I am new to reefing(November) and have not had any problems since I returned from this weekend. I have been keeping easy soft corals such as zoanthids, kenya trees, and xenias so far. Anyway I...
  7. dcel22

    Green Algae

    I am new to having a reef tank and I have been getting green algae on the sides of my tank and sand. It seems like it has started since I added my MH lighting. I have 2 20k 250 watt bulbs over my 72 gallon. Any ideas? I use RODI water also.
  8. dcel22

    72 gallon sump?

    What do people typically use for a sump for 72 gallon bowfronts with the typical black pine stand. I can not fit a 20 gallon long under there.
  9. dcel22

    Detroit swaps
  10. dcel22

    Pump Suggestion

    Does anyone have a suggestion as to an external pump than I can run for my 72 gallon? I would like something with enough flow, quiet, and can handle the head pressure to pump water up to the display tank.
  11. dcel22


    If you do not have any food source or fish do you need to provide zoanthids with anything other than light?
  12. dcel22

    Reef Help

    I don't have a sump so I don't have a return pump. Just a HOB Remora. Just base it off of the 20x turnover still? Thanks
  13. dcel22

    Reef Help

    I am about to start up my 72 gallon reef tank. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for powerheads. So far I like maxi jets. Just wondering if someone had a model number and number of powerheads to add. I am running it with 2 250w mh bulbs and a remora skimmer. Any suggestions...
  14. dcel22

    Help me with MH

    Looking to buy a MH setup. I am thinking of two 250W bulbs for my 72 gallon. I was wondering if anyone knew of any particularly good deals or suggestions on how to go about getting a good deal on the setup. I plan on doing a DIY project.
  15. dcel22

    Live Sand

    What are my options for livesand. I have had southdown for a year and don't really like it. It is too fine. I also don't want to pay $30 for a tiny bag. Is there a coarse dead sand or anything out there that is affordable?
  16. dcel22

    Reef Lighting

    I am buying an icecap 660 with 4 endcaps and 2 bulbs this weekend. Are there any fixtures that you can buy to put the lighting in or do you basically need to make a hood and attatch the lighting to the hood. Thanks
  17. dcel22

    Need Help with setting up fuge/sump for 72

    I want to set up a sump/fuge for my new 72 gallon. Can anyone help me out with knowing how much of a GPH rating I would need on a return pump. How many return holes I should drill in the tank. Diamater and locations of all the holes? Does anyone know of a write up online on exactly how to...
  18. dcel22

    bulkhead question

    What are the things that seem to be adjustable that are for water return from a sump. They are normally black, seem to be attatched to the bulkhead, if I am using the right word, and they shoot the water out. How much do they cost? Thanks, Joe
  19. dcel22

    WTB: 30 + gallon in Michigan

    sorry the stand would have to go also. THanks
  20. dcel22

    Return Pump for 72 gallon

    Can anyone suggest a model for a return pump that I could use for a 72 gallon. I want to make sure I have enough flow. Thanks