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  1. bigred

    190 lighting cycle

    East to West West to East. I have the Aquacontroller set up that way but it's hard for me to take pictures in the morning so just used the same ones. I have a real bad glare on the tank from the windows parallel to the tank. I have to wait until the sun goes sun to take full tank shots. I...
  2. bigred

    Mystery Wrasse

    He didn't cost me $200, I have a connection. I'm trading him for some other wrasses but haven't figured out which ones I want yet.
  3. bigred

    Putting Faces to the Names

    Here's me at the Long Beach Aquarium.
  4. bigred

    Pics of some new SPS and Zoas I got this weekend!!!!

    Nice pieces. Those acros will color up nicely in time. They look like the just got shipped over.
  5. bigred

    190 lighting cycle

    I thought this would be fun. This is how my lights run. 3x250 MHs and actinics.
  6. bigred

    Mystery Wrasse

    He's gone to a bigger fish only tank now.
  7. bigred

    Some new corals

    Thanks, if I would of hand painted them they would of been more colorful. LOL
  8. bigred

    Some new corals

    Here's what 2 of them look like during feeding time.
  9. bigred

    Mystery Wrasse

    He's now available. Email my for trades at
  10. bigred

    Lepard wrasses

    There could be a fight but with the color difference you might be OK. I have added wrasses that were completely different color and the existing wrasses started fighting but ended up being fine. It's all about territory.
  11. bigred

    Some new corals

    Here's another one I got yesterday.
  12. bigred

    Mystery Wrasse

    I have a cleaner shrimp in there and he doesn't bother him but he's bigger.
  13. bigred

    Mystery Wrasse

    Well I guess they aren't shrimp friendly. I just added some Peppermint Shrimp and he found them. I watched him eat this one.
  14. bigred

    Metal Halides....HERE WE COME !!

    Another thing you can do is run the MHs the normal time you run your lights but have them about 3' above the tank and then every week lower it a little. This way you bring it in slow and not burn your corals. You even do this when you change out the bulbs. This is what I do and I haven't had...
  15. bigred

    building canopy for 75-90g need advice on MH

    I ran 400s on a 25" deep tank and they were just fine. The main thing is heat factor. These bulbs throw out a lot more heat then a 250.
  16. bigred

    My 190 inwall

    Thanks everyone. Here's a few of my clams. First is a 6" Crocea, second and third(bad pic) are a Blue Squamosa, and the Forth is a Giga. I have a total of 9 clams.
  17. bigred

    Clam question...

    I had a maxima and a crocea under 330 watts of PCs on a 55 gal but never got growth like how my clams grow under MHs. I have a Gigga thats has grown about 2" in about 6 months.
  18. bigred

    My 190 inwall

    I can't wait for it to fill in. I started with all frags except 2 colonies of acros. I went threw the wonderful acro eating flatworms in the old tank and I don't want those again. I just recently did the redbug treatment and now my stuff is pest free. YEAH!
  19. bigred

    120g SPS Pics

    Nice pieces and nice tank. When are you going to frag?
  20. bigred

    2-legged starfish hitchhiker

    They're not really a nuisance but the can multiply very fast and take over. They multiply by dropping arms so the more you have the faster they multiply. My opinion is to take it out.