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  1. dmill15

    zoos zoos zoos

    E-mail was returned please e-mail me at I am intrested in some of the zoos. 1st set of pics 1st and 4th pic as well as last set of pics last pic. thank you. Dave
  2. dmill15

    New Lighting

    You can find some cheap MH if you look for them. you don't have to buy them from an aquaruim type shop. MH is MH. the ballast and socket they use in grow lights or flood lights will work just fine you just have to buy the right spectrum of bulb for them. I prefer 20K but they are pricey. 10K are...
  3. dmill15

    Safe Sand

    Alot of people will disagree with me on this but I had a reef tenk when I first started and was in the same situation low on cash and I used quick crete play sand from wally world or some where and it did just fine. I had to move about a year and a half after it was set up and everything did...
  4. dmill15

    Wife wants colorful fish????

    I just have damsel fish in my 50 gal now and am very happy with them. I have 3 yellow damsels, 3 azure damsels. 2 limbaugi chromis, and 2 neon blue star damsels. IMO they move alot more than the bigger fish (tangs, angels) and I like the colors better.
  5. dmill15

    Best reef book

    I don't know if it is the "best" book but it taught me alot about my reef. the name of the book is "Aquarium Corals Selection,Husbandry, and Natural History" by Eric H. Borneman. Hope this helps. Dave
  6. dmill15

    L.A. area looking to trade

    I just got a neon green toad stool and fragged it out about a month ago and I am looking to trade for a cool sps. I really want some cool monti. cap. frags. Or some wild looking zoos. Dave
  7. dmill15

    For trade

    What kind of leathers are they? What kind of Shrooms are you looking for? Any pics?
  8. dmill15

    new 55 gallon canopy for sale/ fresno California

    Hey Jlem, I am in Lemoore til Friday, if you aren't busy I would like to come by and see your tanks. Email me. Dave
  9. dmill15

    50 Gallon (All Glass) For Sale in CA

    I have no stand or lid for it. Sorry the tank itself is $60. Ridgecrest.
  10. dmill15

    50 Gallon (All Glass) For Sale in CA

    I have a 50 gallon (all glass) - $60 Local Pick Up only 4' long not sure about depth and width, can measure if someone wants to know.
  11. dmill15

    Looking for a filter for my 55 gal tank!

    I have an Emperor 400B, it has been used, the biowheels were used, so you would need new one's. Let me know if you are interest.
  12. dmill15

    Coral Identification

    Can someone id this new coral for me? Thanks
  13. dmill15

    starting a 18gal bow front need opinions!

    Also I don't plan on using any filtration other than a 10 gal sump, and no skimmer. Has anyone here had success running their tank like that? Dave
  14. dmill15

    starting a 18gal bow front need opinions!

    Hello all, I am setting up a nano and need opinions from the experts. Has anyone here tried a bare bottom nano with just LR? I was thinking of it because of the dimentions of the bow front. It is tall and thin 20"l X 17"h it is only 9"w at the start of the bow and 12" in the middle of the bow...
  15. dmill15

    2 17" jalli retrofit 36W PC

    I am about and hour and a half south of Bakersfield. How would you prefer payment if you have never used paypal? I am willing to send you a money order if that is what you prefer. email me so we can get this situated.
  16. dmill15

    2 17" jalli retrofit 36W PC

    Do you take paypal? and is that shipped too? Thanks, Dave
  17. dmill15

    Brand New lights

    Do you take paypal? I would be interested in one of them. Dave
  18. dmill15

    Help! Critter i.d!

    Those are AWESOME!!! Believe me. They also eat the dreaded red flat worm. I had a bad case of the red ones in my 55 then those white ones showed up and in under a week all the red ones were gone. The white ones will dissapear on their own. Mine were arround for only a month or so.
  19. dmill15

    Nassarius snail eggs

    Looks like it to me!! Just watch them and if they start to get cloudy then try to get them out. When they get cloudy they are dead. I had my Turbos lay eggs last month and only one or two egg sacks made it. But my Cerriths are always laying eggs on the glass. Good luck. Dave
  20. dmill15

    Cleaner Clam Question???

    I have a couple that I picked up off the beach in Pensacola about a year ago. One is about 5" from end to end and can't completely bury it's self in my sand bed and it is prefectly happy. I was looking to get more and since I'm not in Fla anymore thanks to the Navy, now I know what to try...