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  1. deton8it

    Greatly disappointed

    They are still in Florida but they drop-ship from California. All the photos in the EIBI section are actually pictures from Sea Dwelling Creatures. I learned this a few months ago when I posted a screen shot of a coral on facebook and asked a question about the coral. One of the replies was...
  2. deton8it

    Best macro algea to lower nitrates

    I don't know what to tell you. I am anti Caulerpa because it is invasive and can go asexual. I am pro Chaeto because it doesn't do that. I know there are a lot of other options out there. I just don't know what they are called. I used to have some pretty red leafy stuff mixed in with my...
  3. deton8it

    Good news, bad news.

    We close on our house in about 2 weeks and move in on the 1st of August. For the time being I have been purchasing random aquarium things that are on sale as I see them. So far I have purchased a 55 gallon to be set up as a Seahorse/ Pipefish tank. I also got two 40b tanks and a 20L. One of...
  4. deton8it

    converting freshwater tank to salt

    There is really only one to guarantee that and it is to buy dry rock. Unfortunately that defeats the purpose. Your best bet is to carefully chose individual pieces and look at them thoroughly. That wont guarantee anything but you can spot a lot of problems by carefully choosing what you buy...
  5. deton8it

    Barrels for mixing station.... Would YOU use these?

    Most plastic tubs are not food grade and people use them all the time. I think you will be fine. John
  6. deton8it

    Good news, bad news.

    Well we have an accepted offer on a house. We will go finish the paperwork on Monday. This is our 2nd attempt at making a deal.. The first house that we put an offer on was unrealistically countered. Both agents (ours and hers) thought that our offer was a good offer. The sellers agent...
  7. deton8it

    LED/ T-5/ MH operating cost?

    Hey everyone, Here is a question for all of the reefers here. Since I am in between tanks right now I have been thinking about how I want to set up the next one and what equipment I may want. What is your monthly operating cost for your fixture? I'm not really talking about bulb...
  8. deton8it

    Good news, bad news.

    We are hunting sucks. LOL John
  9. deton8it

    Good news, bad news.

    Quote: Originally Posted by SnakeBlitz33 You might want to invest in an RO system in your next move. ;) I'm already planning on it Seth. Jennifer wants to head up early and set up our sons 20 gallon at her parents house so we can take some of our favorite mushrooms. I don't think I'll have her...
  10. deton8it

    Good news, bad news.

    The military has decided that it is time to move again. The bad news- I am tearing my tank down and selling everything except the lights, skimmer, pumps, and powerheads. The good news- In a few months I will probably be doing a build thread here. Right now, all of the money that I'm making...
  11. deton8it

    ID Please, kinda cool looking.

    Pseudocorynactis caribbeorum John
  12. deton8it

    What kind of anemone is this?

    Yes it is a Sebae. I have one too and it is about the size of a dinner plate. I'm not sure what pink tips you are talking about. My Sebae has blue tips. John
  13. deton8it

    need coral I.d.

    Quote: Originally Posted by zoidberg01 Its a elegant coral now I need I.d. for the first one The first one is frogspawn
  14. deton8it

    Help! New Sea Anemone Doesn't Look Right. With Pictures!

    That tank looks too new. What brand T5? Some are better than others. Regarding acclimation, I only temperature acclimate coral but I drip everything else. That is just my preference though. John
  15. deton8it

    Help me please!!! Anemone and clownfish crisis.

    Maybe it is a Condi but it looks just like my Sebae did when it was little. It is huge now but it still has the blue/purple-ish tips. What does the foot look like? John
  16. deton8it

    Bubble algae dilema

    Quote: Originally Posted by Flower Hi, Your problem wasn't red bubble algae...your problem was an over abundant amount of nitrates and phosphates. Macros grow out of control when your tank water isn't clean. The good news is that because of the macroalgae...your tank water was cleaned up by...
  17. deton8it

    Bubble algae dilema

    I am the opposite of Flower. I would remove the rock, frag the mushrooms off, put them back in and get rid of that rock. I had an outbreak of red bubble algae years ago and it spread over all of my rock. I don't want to deal with that again.
  18. deton8it

    fish is eating my anemone.

    Sometimes animals eat things that they shouldn't. I had a Peppermint Shrimp eat my SPS and I had an Emerald Crab eat a Leather coral. Like Flower said, no one will believe you until they see it themselves. John
  19. deton8it

    Star polyp being attacked?

    I highly doubt it is the reason your GSP isn't opening. If you think the anemones are bothering the GSP then get rid of them. Keep in mind, GSP is very hardy and spreads quick. SHe will have her "green wavey thingy" back in no time. 2 years ago I had a piece about the size of a quarter in my...
  20. deton8it

    Star polyp being attacked?

    Google Pseudocorynactis John