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  1. keebler

    Facebook's Flagrant Violation Of Your Personal Privacy

    Originally Posted by JDL sure showing up on google for something valuable isnt a bad thing, but that will/should already be listed on your resume. Showing up on google for something that isnt on your resume is usually the kiss of death. Ah. Okay, that makes a lot of sense.
  2. keebler

    Facebook's Flagrant Violation Of Your Personal Privacy

    They have over 400 employees there. Does anyone remember facebook beacon? Anyway, they have to make money in some way . What if you show up in google because of an award you got or a published literary work? Can you elaborate on the "you shouldn't even show up on google?"
  3. keebler

    OMG! this is completely insane!

    Originally Posted by Johnbob Good try!!! But when you hover over the link, the real address(youtube video) shows up in the bottom bar. Or you could know read through all the comments.
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    seaclone 100

    Originally Posted by slider101 There you go! We people with these so called "cheap and no good" skimmers need to stick together lol. Just kidding, I really like mine and glad you are seeing some improvement. Once you get it dialed in you should have no problems. This skimmer works great on...
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    Orange Spotted Goby

    I have one and he's awesome. They are incredibly shy at first, but eventually become very social. The first day I got mine he decided to jump into the overflow box. I assumed he was hiding in the tank since I felt around in the overflow box and didn't feel the next day I stick my...
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    is canned tuna raw?

    Originally Posted by EL GUAPO Easy tiger I said FISHing . You might want to tame it down , before Sep has to flex some MOD muscle again . Yeah, and I was talking about karate...what's the big deal? And btw, I'm not a tiger.
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    is canned tuna raw?

    ENTER THE FIST...exit the fist...enter the fist...exit the fist...repeat.
  8. keebler

    is canned tuna raw?

    How much wood can you "break" before your fist gets tired, RU?
  9. keebler

    is canned tuna raw?

    Originally Posted by ruaround if its japanese it must be a master... Doesn't make complete sense, but a good joke nonetheless.
  10. keebler

    New game for you guys

    I got bored today and attempted to take off and throw both of my shoes in under 2 seconds. It is very very difficult!
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    chapstick appreciation.

    Originally Posted by YearOfTheNick I just stick with the chapstick brand... and anything with mint in it... I love the cold feel i get on my lips when I use a mint chapstick. What no comment guys? I'm glad to see that the mancard police has settled down a bit...
  12. keebler

    CUC Recommendations

    Originally Posted by renogaw i'd start off small-- maybe 10 blue leg hermits, 3 scarlets, 1 emerald, 6 cerith, 3 astreas, and half a dozen TONGA nassarious snails if you have sand. don't go getting any coral banded shrimp, cleaner shrimp, peppermints, or mexican turbos. That's what you call...
  13. keebler

    Need an easy Auto Top Off

    Originally Posted by DrTITO mr bean, the ATO you mentioned is only a switch, right.? keebler, I saw the vid, still not sure on how to best do it all myself. I would try ,but a flood is not fun, maybe next time, thanks. Haha, okay. Buying a more expensive one is better if it gives you peace of...
  14. keebler

    FOWLR Vs Reef

    Originally Posted by SaGxMAN I'm surprised an LFS would say that. Usually they want you to buy as much of everything as possible. Seems like this lie is cause them to shoot themself in the foot. The key is, size of tank and fish type determines the number of fish. Do ocean reefs have just...
  15. keebler

    FOWLR Vs Reef

    Extreme nano...or pico tanks yeah.
  16. keebler

    help! protien skimmer problems!

    Originally Posted by katiebug i have not added anything. I am to scarred to do anything. I followed instructions.. I see where it adjusts and what not... but when i turn it up it brings the water to high to where if i hadnt turned it down it would overflow.. but when i turn it down it doesnt do...
  17. keebler

    help! protien skimmer problems!

    Originally Posted by katiebug ok thank you..very much..How do i keep it the collection cup from overflowing..if i just let it run it will overflow water out.. Oh, I'm sorry I misunderstood. I didn't realize you said the cup was overflowing. Read the instructions and figure out how to adjust...
  18. keebler

    help! protien skimmer problems!

    It just needs to get broken in. It won't immediately start pumping out skimmate. The foam will build up in the tube and eventually get pushed into the collection cup where it will liquify. Most skimmers don't just start working. Be patient it'll work.
  19. keebler

    FOWLR Vs Reef

    Originally Posted by forcrz6 Ok LFS myth or truth. In a Reef tank you should only keep 2 to 3 fish in it as either the reef or the fish will die. I voted false...if I am understanding the question correctly. You can keep a lot of fish in a reef if the reef is big enough and if the right fish...
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    Originally Posted by FishyFun2 Ok, i know, i know, i know...U can't cheap out in this hobby, right? Well, i know this has been hashed out B4, but the RO vs. tap water thing, is RO ALWAYS better? Our drinking water here at home is city water with a Culligan's filter. I haven't had it tested yet...