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  1. snowbear

    Fish Docs - Pop eyed Clarkii needs your help

    :( Waaaaa!:( This Clarkii was doing awesome, even though he remained blind in the one eye. 2 seeks ago both eyes started bulging and getting cloudy. I QTed him and started treatment. Poor guy had a hard time finding his food, but when a piece would touch him, he'd spin around and grab it, so I...
  2. snowbear

    if you were building a house....

    ...and the tank is going to be built into a wall with a utility room behind it for the sump/fuge/water supply, etc... It will only have the front viewable to the outside, but most non-tank people don't care about the sides, anyway and if actual tank people want to see the rest, I can take them...
  3. snowbear

    Anyone fraggin' in Seattle?

    Bump ???
  4. snowbear

    home theater/240g tank room

    Originally posted by Dindi OH My bad I forgot men (AKA) idiots love this kind of stuff. ME (female) just want to see it done:D Looks great . I think.... Me female idiot too and me wanna see the progress!! Lookin' great so far, slick - that's going to be an awesome room!!
  5. snowbear

    Anyone fraggin' in Seattle?

    I'm planning a dive trip to Victoria/Vancouver BC at the end of this month. I'll be flying into/out of Sea-Tac and was wondering if anyone in the Seattle area has any softies that will be ready to go? Email Snowbear
  6. snowbear

    Sucks to be me

    Originally posted by kgrimes Someone's signature here on SWF sums it up: Dilution is the solution to pollution! My $.02 :D Hey - that's me!! :p This late in the game when it's almost dry I probably wouldn't add more H2O, but if it gets smelly later, a carpet cleaner would definitely be in...
  7. snowbear


    Yeah, I figured as much, but I figured I would try anyway. A RT ticket from Anchorage to Hawaii is usually ~ $500, so I don't think I can do better by making a longer round-about trip. Thanks anyhow.
  8. snowbear


    I have some live rock you could have. I want to fly RT to Hawaii from Alaska.
  9. snowbear

    Fish Docs - Pop eyed Clarkii needs your help

    It's possible it was from netting, but it had been 2-3 weeks after netting him (besides of course when I moved him to the Q tank, but that was after he had been sick for a while) that he started showing signs of a problem. Is it possible it took that long to show up? One of his favorite places...
  10. snowbear

    Fish Docs - Pop eyed Clarkii needs your help

    Well, since it's been a couple months I wanted to update you on this fish. He is still completely blind in the affected eye, but he seems to have adapted quite well. He has also figured out to keep that side to the glass so no-one (except me :D ) can sneak up on him. Thanks again for the help...
  11. snowbear

    jealious wife!

    Being single and a hermit has definite advantages!!! My dogs don't seem to mind if I stare at the tank:p
  12. snowbear

    Now It's Even Huger!!!

    Yep - gotta say it again - WOW!!!:eek: :cool:
  13. snowbear

    Bug of the Week - Munnid Isopods

    Cool!! Thanks, Bang Guy! I'm actually finding myself looking forward to these bugs of the week. :cool:
  14. snowbear

    Those of you with split returns...

    I like fish is right - you are still pushing the same volume of water and the head pressure does not change. If anything, you will have less friction loss (in short - caused by turbulance of the water inside the hose) by pumping the same volume through 2 hoses instead of 1.
  15. snowbear

    Screen names

    Snow -- I grew up in and live in Alaska Bear -- my first name is Ursa I've been using this or some close variation (when it's already taken) since I started surfing and posting on the 'net. It's now the name of my Ranch, too.:cool:
  16. snowbear

    OT: fun question from a IQ test

    Bang Guy - technically, you are correct, but since this is a multiple guess test and "1" is not a choice, I'm deducing they are looking for the number of times "7" is one of the digits composing a number in the count. Holy Guacamole! I think I just confused myself:rolleyes: :p
  17. snowbear

    OT: fun question from a IQ test

    Don't forget the 70's.... ;)
  18. snowbear

    bad or good idea for refugium

    I agree with the rest of these guys. Although there IS a way you can use 2 powerheads, it is not simple or cheap. I would involve dual float switches that would shut off each powerhead depending on tank/fuge levels. Originally posted by krux also, 2 powerheads of the same size will not move...
  19. snowbear

    OT to all the ladies of Again

    Thanks, Plum - This is the best (and only) Valentine's greeting I will get this year.:)
  20. snowbear

    OT Optical camoflage

    Personally, I too think it would be cool in the passenger comp. However - I've been on a few commercial flights where there were a few people freaked out about take-offs and landings that being able to see it would be worse!!! Oooooh - maybe they could have "visual" and "non-visual" sections...