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  1. harlequinnut

    420nm or 450nm actinic?

    Thanks, I also found this website that had a sunpaq dual actinic 420/460nm bulb for sale. Would that be a good choice also rather than going with the 420nm?
  2. harlequinnut

    Light Question

    I think it's a bit excessive, you would almost certainly have to run a chiller to cool the water down in the summer months. You said the stand is 5" high, does that mean the lights will be 5" above the water level? The lights need to be at least 8" above the water IMO.
  3. harlequinnut

    420nm or 450nm actinic?

    Hi, I would like to know if I should go with the 420nm or 450nm actinic blue power compacts? My lighting system consist of 2X175w mh(10K) and one actinic blue pc.
  4. harlequinnut

    need opinions on 2 fish

    If you want to know if you have any pods in your tank, turn a flashlight on your tank in the middle of the night when the lights have been out for a while. You should be able to see loads of pods going about their business. I have a mandarin in my 46 g reef tank for few months now. I didn't have...
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    What size is your tank? I would worry about the perc more than the algae blenny. With that said, I think your list might work if your tank is big enough. And since the Hawk is the last one introduced, your chance of success are even greater. IMO
  6. harlequinnut

    Anyone in the NYC area using an ro/di unit

    I had the waste line in a 5 gallon bucket in the laundry sink. When the bucket fills up I emptied it into the washing machine. Even if the bucket overflows the water would only run down the drain.
  7. harlequinnut

    Anyone in the NYC area using an ro/di unit

    My unit came with a 3 or 5 gallon(don't remember) storage tank. Once the tank is full, the unit stops running.
  8. harlequinnut

    Anyone in the NYC area using an ro/di unit

    I used to have a ro/di until it broke down a couple of years ago. While I had it, my water bill went up about 30 to 40 dollars(quarterly). Not excessively high in my opinion. Keep in mind I was also saving the waste water for my laundries. I also save on buying drinking water since I got the...
  9. harlequinnut

    Will clown trigger get along with Picasso?

    The clown trigger will definately make short work of you picasso once it's had time to adjust. Given time, a clown will terrorize all the fish you have in your tank right now.
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    Oh and one more thing, do try to stay away from butterflies(especially copperband).They are beautiful fishes but just doesn't have a good survival record in my experience.
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    I agree with the Foxface, they are reef safe and is a great community fish. I have one in my tank for a couple of years now. He eats almost everything I feed him but is primarily an algae eater. I would not remove the sailfin only to put another large tang like a naso in you tank. A Kole tang...
  12. harlequinnut

    So, New tank......

    Great looking tank, looks like you're off to a good start. Good luck! How about a pic of the steel brace that you put in place of the plastic one?
  13. harlequinnut

    Just got a Blue Hippo Tang- What are the best foods-?To keep in peak conditon,thanks!

    You can feed it mysis shrimp and green seaweed. You can also feed it a pellet food for herbivores.
  14. harlequinnut

    Anyone ID my new eel? enjoy
  15. harlequinnut

    UV to treat bubble algae outbreak?

    I am aware that by physically removing them I run the risk of popping them in the tank and therefore spreading more bubbles, thats why I got the uv so even if some does pop in the tank, the uv will take care of the spores floating in the water. As far as livestock, my tank is coral only with no...
  16. harlequinnut

    UV to treat bubble algae outbreak?

    I recently bought a 9w turbo twist UV sterilizer for my 46g reef tank with no fish in it. I have an outbreak of bubble algae. I know that it will NOT kill the bubble algae that is already in the tank but I was hoping that it will help in controlling the spread of more bubble algae. Meanwhile I...
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    post your angels

    My majestic!
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    Rabbit for free adoption!

    I didn't know whether to list this in the classified or here but anyway, I have a one year old dwarf rabbit that I want to give up for adoption, meaning it's free. Anyone interested please leave a message. Local pickup only, I will even give you the cage for the rabbit, just need to find her a...
  19. harlequinnut

    Large Lookdown for sale!

    This fish is still for sale! Anyone interested please leave a message. Sorry, local pickup only.
  20. harlequinnut

    Help Finish My Tank

    What's wrong with a tang in a 150 gallon tank? That's more than enough for a tang and his stocking list is not that high. :notsure: