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  1. oceandream

    How Long Do They Live

    Now I'm a b*tch? I didn't mock you.
  2. oceandream

    anyone have pics of baby clowns

    Don't the parents need to be there to airate the eggs so they dont become stagnant and grow fungus?
  3. oceandream

    Octopus mercatoris

    LOL Poor goldfish.
  4. oceandream

    40 Reef Update

    Very pretty, I like that yellow coral.
  5. oceandream

    Octopus mercatoris

    That is so cool! How big is his tank? What does he eat? How long do they live? lol, sorry for all the questions :)
  6. oceandream

    anyone have pics of baby clowns

    O wow! How neat! Do you catch all the fry when they hatch, or do you move the eggs to a seperate tank?
  7. oceandream

    How Long Do They Live

    Did you flush them before they died?:nope:
  8. oceandream

    Sun coral

    Sorry to hear that.
  9. oceandream


    It's for my mini fuge.
  10. oceandream

    equipment for sale

    You got mail. Is your LS well established that used to be in a tank?
  11. oceandream

    anyone down for a sea world 34 pack!

    Skirrby.....WOW! You have amazing photography skills! I also love Puffins, thats a very cute shot. That toad fish made me laugh, what a cutie! I could fit my fist in that puffer's mouth! Good Job.
  12. oceandream

    Suicide duster

    On some occasions they recover, it is not a good sign though. Can you photograph it? That would be really neat to see.
  13. oceandream

    How Long Do They Live

    I was just reading this on another board today. Ocellaris have only been captive bred in this hobby for 20-25 years, so so far that is the oldest recorded age.
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    Thanks Mandi, check's in the mail.
  15. oceandream

    Everyone post a picture of your tank here please

    I would post my guppy tank....but I'm affraid of you guys. :nervous:
  16. oceandream

    A nitrate question

    Not true. The LR only helps convert ammonia to nitrites to nitrates, then water changes take out nitrates.
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    They perch on coral, but still remain in view.
  18. oceandream

    1/2 yr B'day...

    15-20 heads?! How many heads does it have?
  19. oceandream

    orange cap sps

    Very subtle Tervman.
  20. oceandream

    please show me some of your fish pics

    Here's Lady didn't say they had to be saltwater fish.