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    My purple tang (dory) is sick!!!!

    dorys are blue hippo tangs not purple tangs
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    breeding clowns help!

    yea thats the book I ment clownfishes
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    5 or 10

    clown fish shoul be kept in a 30g or more.
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    breeding clowns help!

    theres a good book on this web site about breeding and dealing with clowns I think its called clowns it wil answer all your questions and more. Look in dry goods.
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    Is 450 gallons too big

    thats gonna be super I mean super expensive
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    wild vs. aquacultured clowns

    not all clown fish host anemanes zoocrazy
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    RBTA Question

    what was the name that you bought your RBTA on the swf site
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    wild vs. aquacultured clowns

    [ i'd really like to get one that will host. soo...... is it true that wild ones will host more readily, or am i just hearing from people who would rather buy a cheaper fish? [/B]...
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    R/O Water

    some one recommended that if I had to use store bought use distilled but he highly reccomended an RO/DI
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    RO or what

    well that answers my question thanks!!!!!:joy:
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    RBTA question

    is there onother name for RBTAs?
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    reef what

    whats a reef tank??:thinking:
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    RO or what

    what famous auction site
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    RO or what

    instead of buying a RO can I buy fresh drinking water like aquafina but by the gallons.
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    i need help

    just one question how did you afford all the stuff for the tank because its taking me a long time to buy every thing I need for the tank Oh and by the way I'm 13 years old.
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    lighting for RBTA

    what kind of lighting would be good for a RBTA? Thanks!!!:jumping:
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    do anemines sting

    i was wondering if you ccould touch an anemoni because i heard anaminies sting.
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    baby clowns day 5

    wow! how bout some pics :happyfish :D :D :)
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    test readings

    i was wondering what should be the right readings for my new 65g as in ommonia and nitrates and stuff like that:happy: :jumping: :eek: :joy: :yes: :help: :happyfish
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    Decided to go the best route

    be sure to cycle.