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  1. clowning around

    slime algae

    does anyone have any suggestions on getting rid of slime algae...??? I am really lost on this subject...any input would be great... best wishes...
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    what's the difference?

    not for nothin' puffer...but I have always used nature's ocean...and I find many of the experienced use it as well...but hey everyone has their own opinion...the general rule for seeding sand with l/s is 10%...of course you could go over but I have never gone under 10% of my original count!!!
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    Do you think these fish would be good together??

    not for nothin' but as mentioned above with the flame and the clowns...try to stay away from the more aggresive of already have small stuff...stick with the small stuff...IMO you will have more enjoyment with not mixing species that don't belong together...take this from someone...
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    ya gain one, ya lose one

    not for nothin' but I am partial to cc starfish...I currently have one and it's one of my favorite specimens...hey but congrats on the flame...that's another prized specimen!!!
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    Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't stand SMELL!!!!!!!!!!

    something in your water is not correct...not for nothin' but I would have to agree on a dying inhabitant or maybe some sort of rare smelling algae???
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    percula Question

    not for nothin' but I've had a hand full of clowns that have all had different personalities...just consider in the factors and draw a conclusion...I would say...change your lighting routine and good luck...
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    What are these white tubes??

    not for nothin' but if you notice...mine have small feather dusters that pop out of them...someone on this thread recently mentioned what type of feather duster they were...sorry can't help much...
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    What Type of Star Should I Get?

    contrary to popular belief...I like my green brittle star...yeah they are nocturnal but they clean the bottom of the tank...from my experience and from reference linkia are extremely hard to raise in captivity and sand burrowing stars take to much out of the sand...not for...
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    Yellow Coris Wrasse

    yeah yeah puffer I have to admit you were right about this one...thanks and look forward to your help in the future...not for nothin' but I don't know who would disagree on saying that this is the best bb on the web..
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    Help deciding on first fish after cycle

    Not for nothin' but the best way to set up a tank is with l/s and l/ be beneficial to both...even if you have mechanical filtration and some may argue with me...but I still prefer the l/r and l/s....
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    Seeding sand assistance needed.

    from my experience as along as I have had good quality l/r and mixed 10% of l/s to southdown, all of my parameters have been good...try not to get too technical with this's a learning process...not for nothin' but IMO you should be ok as long as you have a dsb of 4 to 5 inches...
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    Yellow Coris Wrasse

    well guys and galls my wrasse finally shows his face daily...he comes out about noonish and dissapears around fourish...does anyone know if it will stick to this daily routine or will it stay out more once it's acclimated to the environment???
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    seaweed selects

    so far...I have used romaine lettuce on a veggie clip for my scopas tang and it chews it all up within a day...not for nothin', but I prefer the romaine because it tends to make less of a mess...
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    My new Blue Damsel

    you sometimes have to be careful with damsels...more people are using shrimp to cycle their tanks...Not for nothin' I prefer the shrimp method over the damsel method..because afterwards...I don't know what to do with the damsel
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    Is this ok?

    Not for nothin', but I would possibly count the tang out...I would only recommend any kind of tang to a 75g to start out with...sometimes an upgrade may be needed from that...
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    canary blennie

    I don't know that much about blennies...all I have owned are scooters but some fish exhibit strange personalities...
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    Mexican snails ?

    snails will initially take their own time to acclimate to your tank...let them will find, when you turn your lights off, the snails will be more active...not for nothin' but I like the mexican turbos the best...they are extremely good cleaners!!
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    well I recently aquired a yellow coris-and beside my scopas's probably my favorite fish in my 55g...I don't own a six-line but I have heard nothing but good things...not for nothin' but I know yellow coris are very docile and reef safe as well as hardy...
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    which fish can I put in a 40 gallon

    I agree with the dwarf angel idea...not for nothin' but how can you go wrong with a dwarf angel???
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    new tank cycle

    hey old yeller...I see that clown tang you have in that picture...have you had any luck with those beauties...not for nothin' I had one and it got attacked by one of my larger hermits...???