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  1. partsman

    Hydor Koralia or Seio?

    i was running 2 seio 850's and 2 650's in my 125 untill last week when i replaced the 650's with 2 koralia 4's (1200gph). man what a difference in flow now....guess so - thats like 4100 gph koralia's in each corner facing towards the center and the 850's on the back facing forward and...
  2. partsman

    Internal Return Pump Plumbing HELP please

    Originally Posted by gregghia ANYTHING WOULD HELP... pics are all I need though as I am a visual guy... so my girlfriend says! ok /// i just walked in tonight . if my pics help send me your e-mail address and i'll forward them to you. it takes to long for me to resize them here at
  3. partsman

    Internal Return Pump Plumbing HELP please

    Originally Posted by gregghia Yeah please let me know! I did have it set up for a while but I didn't do it myself.... I at least know you will NOT hurt your pump. I was worried about the ball valve too as far as burning out the motor. From reading on this board I learned that won't be an issue...
  4. partsman

    Internal Return Pump Plumbing HELP please

    gregghia, i feel for ya ...i'm at work right now but just this weekend i installed a sump/refugium under my 125 off a mag 9. i'll post pics tonight of my set up - came out pretty good if i do say so myself ( for my first attempt) . only thing i have an issue withis i've had to throttle my mag9...
  5. partsman

    Ok What Pump

    maybe even a mag 9.5 @ 950 gph ????????
  6. partsman

    Skimmer bubbles

    Originally Posted by ajslick Its a "silencer" mod. He took off the bubble diffuser box thing and replaced it with a pvc T, the end thats out of the water is closed off with a hole drilled in the top and the bottom has a filter for a powerhead over it. The bubbles aren't as bad as yesterday but...
  7. partsman

    question for SCSInet about plumbing - flow return

    well - i'm gonna use spa-flex after the i inch union all the way to the sump instead of pvc or the ribbed hose - i feel better about it's design and lack of ribbing or conection area that might cause any resistance - to get max flow without "hopefully" any churning - spashing sounds ......much...
  8. partsman

    question for SCSInet about plumbing - flow return

    Originally Posted by TurningTim You could use a durso stand pipe in the rear box to reduce noise. pretty easy to put together. Be careful of the calculator on -- I think it gives less flow then actual. Just my experience in the past. I do have one question though, How is it possible for a 1"...
  9. partsman

    question for SCSInet about plumbing - flow return

    as i am new to setting up a sump / refugium i am nowhere new to this hobby of 20 years or better. i have been told your the man as far as plumbing goes ..... here's the question ... i have a 120 gal - non drilled reef with ample water flow and currently using a cpr hang on refugium and several...
  10. partsman

    T5s for a 125, what would you choose?

    azfishgal, tell me - how did you mount your cooling fans to your tank ? - the ones o purchased from aquatek have a u shaped clamp that won't clip on the rim of my tank - their made for a flat piece of glass or acrylic and my tanks rim has a ledge for glass top to lay on . i really didn't want to...
  11. partsman

    Aqua C Remora or Coralife SS

    Originally Posted by Stanlalee Performance Coralife. Less headaches and a dry floor AquaC i have both ......the coralife ss 65 on my big tank and the aquac on my 20 softy tank. i found the aqua c takes up far less space but the coralife filters more gunk out. aqua c is a bit easier to service...
  12. partsman

    "Need PICs of Full auto top off Sytems PLEASE!!!"

    Originally Posted by fastazzr1 i need a complete system or the info on what i need to build one...thanx i got all the help i needed from these guys - i have a auto top off with float system in my 120 and another float system going to a remote resivoir. customer service is great also spectra...
  13. partsman

    Placement of ro/di units

    Originally Posted by psbrent2 Why are you opposed to plumbing to the basement? I have done it and love it. My RODI is on the basement wall and runs into a 32 gallon rubbermaid trash container with a foat valve on it. I have the container elevated on a rack next to my sump. I mix in the same...
  14. partsman

    Question for anyone using small aquafuge

    Originally Posted by kiwiandman If you are using one can you tell me the minimum space needed? I know they are 12 or 13 inches overall, but how small of a space can I hang it on? i am using the cpr aquafuge " large " instructions states it's 24x12x4 ........ actual length is 24 3/4 x 11 7/8...
  15. partsman

    current usa nano fission skimmer

    i probably know why you got it for free .... sorry but i think its a piece of junk - hard to keep adjusted and - actually , i never could get it to work correctly anyway ....i gave mine away ...!!!
  16. partsman

    Best Skimmer and Wet Dry for 55 gal?

    the coralife super skimmer 65 to me is the best for the money in todays market - it will adapt to a sump as well as hang on model . very little trouble - great customer service backing them and trouble free. lots of bells and whistles with the flow controls also. only drawback is the size of the...
  17. partsman

    Skimmer for aggressive tank

    Originally Posted by shwanshark Can anyone suggest a good (inexpensive) protein skimmer for a 75 gallon aggressive tank. I've never used one before bc I've only had a niger trigger in there. Now I'm starting to stock it full of carnivores and they are creating alot of waste. I have a sump...
  18. partsman

    Actinic Opinions Please

    BANG,,,,,,,,,, question about actinics also, i have on top of my 120 reef two (2) coralife 48 inch lunar aqualight systems rated with (2) 65 watt 10,000 k bulbs and (2) 65 watt 420 nn actinic bulbs - claim is ...a total of 260 watts each ........x 2 .........fixtures ...thus ( maybe ) a total of...
  19. partsman

    Calling all Coralife superskimmer owners (important, please read)

    Originally Posted by hooktonfsh That's great to know!!! I am running a coralife SS on all 3 of my tanks and have had great luck with them. The only complaint I would have is that the dang bubble diffuser box is freakin' huge. Other than that, I recommend them to anybody because the bang for...