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  1. boalgf

    Porcupine Puffer with Mandarin Dragon?

    My porc puffer was about 4" when I first bought it. Got along fine with everything in the tank that wasn't a crustacean. By the time it was 8"+ I couldn't put my finger in there without making sure he wasn't nearby. Fish vary, but I'd say a Porcupine Puffer with a mandarin is a horrible idea...
  2. boalgf

    I just don't get how this guy might be the next leader of the Free World

    Originally Posted by 1journeyman I wonder how many of them died hoping one day we would be a Socialist Nation? I am not very political. I vote and have opinions, but was mostly only reading through this for a good laugh when I saw your comment. I've lost a good friend who served with me since...
  3. boalgf

    one eyes lawnmower,

    I had a yellow tang that I re-named patches when he lost his eye to a puffer. He did just fine after removing the stressful element. You have plenty of fish that could have done the deed, so it's hard to say. Damsels, wrasses, and puffers could pick out an eye. Good luck with the little guy.
  4. boalgf

    useless trivia game

    Originally Posted by MIKE22cha If you mean a mammal then a cheetah, if any kind of animal then perigran falcon. Sorry for bad spelling. I meant any kind of animal. Peregrine falcon is right.
  5. boalgf

    useless trivia game

    Originally Posted by coraljunky Which U.S. pres had the shortest term? William Henry Harrison with a record setting 1 month. What is the fastest animal in the world?
  6. boalgf

    useless trivia game

    Originally Posted by coraljunky hummingbird Iris, is the official flower of what state? Correct
  7. boalgf

    useless trivia game

    Originally Posted by autofreak44 what is the name of the phobia "fear of long words" Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia What is the only bird that can fly backwards?
  8. boalgf

    Six line wrasse that has lost his mind

    Not sure if the molting is causing it, or if he is just crazy. I recently had to take a sixline out of my reef after he ate my fire shrimp, harlequin shrimp, and killed my flasher wrasse. He started divebombing my healthy, fully grown, prepared-food-eating mandarin and that was all i could take...
  9. boalgf

    Rudest thing an lfs employee has ever said to you part 2

    This is a lighthearted thread about the silly things LFS employees say. If you don't see the point in it or are sensitive to LFS rights, do as is suggested keep it in the "Pro LFS" thread. Stop clogging this one up nitpicking the stories of others. Me: Do you guys sell Calcium and Alkalinity...
  10. boalgf

    Need Help With Eel Id

    I've had spotted morays and that isn't one. It's spots are too sharp and it's teeth are too dull. I'd go with Jeweled Moray also.
  11. boalgf

    Beautiful FourLine Wrasse

    Sometimes adults debate over things that you consider arbitrary. We are being civil so calling for us to stop just because you say so is a bit pretentious. I happen to enjoy talking, which is why I come to forums. Ophuria, I do agree that name calling shouldn't be tolerated. Spreading knowledge...
  12. boalgf

    Beautiful FourLine Wrasse

    I think it is a forum member’s responsibility to point out a gross overpricing. Whether it is from an lfs or another member. All of the original posts did that and I feel chastising the posters was unnecessary. There is no need to bring in examples of previous purchases, or the morals of...
  13. boalgf

    Beautiful FourLine Wrasse

    Originally Posted by ophiura FOLKS: THis is not a discussion. If you don't want to pay, then don't pay....and don't comment. This is a nice fish. I don't care if he has a $2 Betta and tries to sell it for $50. It is his to sell, and for someone else to decide to buy should they want it. Where...
  14. boalgf

    i want a ribbon eel

    I've had a ribbon eel, they should be avoided. To keep it alive I had to put it in a large reef tank that was heavily stocked with dozens of shrimp. I still never actually saw it eat and had to force feed it several times when it became sluggish. They are a full time job and just not worth it...
  15. boalgf

    Lumpy Porcupine puffer

    Could be air trapped inside. Has he been out of water recently? You could always reach in to the tank and gently cause him to inflate and then let him deflate again.
  16. boalgf

    Porcupine Puffers in a reef tank

    Originally Posted by Jon321 I disagree with this. The only difference is the amount of damage, and things that can be damaged by a 10" puffer compared to a 1.5" puffer. That tiny 1.5" puffer isnt hurting much more than the odd hermit crab, even if it wanted to. Jon I noticed a significant...
  17. boalgf

    Porcupine Puffers in a reef tank

    Puffers are like triggers sometimes. They are sweet to everything, but as they mature they get more bold. Do you have a fairly small puffer right now (under 6 inches)?
  18. boalgf

    eel decission

    I think he was talking about your peppermint shrimp.
  19. boalgf

    Suggestions on a Predator Tank

    It was still alive when I moved from NC to San Diego and had to sell my tanks. I just bought a new tank that I'll be setting up soon. I doubt I'll get another ribbon eel though, they are a full time job.
  20. boalgf

    Can I have a Porcupine Puffer with.....

    My porc puffer grew to about 9 inches before I had to sell my tank and move to california. He ate any kind of invert (shrimp, horseshoe crab, hermit crab, snails) I put in there. He left alone my red general starfish and purple urchin though. Maybe others have gotten lucky, but they are natural...