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  1. a_fender69

    Anybody remember this post?

    I will be glad to assist you and your company on both of these matters. Please get me the information asap as i am leaving the country on monday for 3 weeks. You can call me at 866-853-4730. Alex Fender
  2. a_fender69

    Anybody remember this post?

    716-675-5400 Here is the number to the UPS store that the item was shipped from. call the store and give them the tracking number and tell them you need the shippers info since he ripped you off. Then send me an email to I own a collections agency and I can normally track...
  3. a_fender69

    help! potters angel not eating

    I have a potters angel that has been in my tank for about 1 ½ months that will not eat any food I add to the tank. He constantly picks at the rocks (120 gal 125lbs LR Metal halides) but he is not getting enough food. He is losing color and I can see the bones in his body now. I feed frozen...
  4. a_fender69

    Further informations needed about JACKALPUPZ!!!

    Hey guys, I own a company that tracks people like this down. I took the info that was posted and called him today. Lets say he was a little bit shocked. For those that need the info, you can email at
  5. a_fender69

    Live Rock - Dallas

    Hi Tracy, Do you have any corals for sale?
  6. a_fender69

    acrylic sump/fuge/wet dry with pump

    Yes, do you want it?
  7. a_fender69

    need a acrylic sump for a 150 -250

    I have one, 75$ plus $30 shipping. Comes with a little giant pump that is already plumed. You can see a picture here in this forum titled acrylic sump, fuge, wetdry for sale/trade
  8. a_fender69

    acrylic sump/fuge/wet dry with pump

    75 plus shipping
  9. a_fender69

    acrylic sump/fuge/wet dry with pump

    still available, any takers???
  10. a_fender69

    acrylic sump/fuge/wet dry with pump

    Sounds good, my paypal address is
  11. a_fender69

    acrylic sump/fuge/wet dry with pump

    Still available
  12. a_fender69

    need help selling 48" metal halide with power compact hood

    Price??? Send email to
  13. a_fender69

    acrylic sump/fuge/wet dry with pump

    make an offer and send to shipping will be around $30
  14. a_fender69

    acrylic sump/fuge/wet dry with pump

    I have a sump that is ready to make into either a wet dry or fuge measuring 24X12X12 with a little giant pump that is already plumed. Removable drip plate for easy cleaning and maintenance. The plate already has a bulk head and a hose to connect with your over flow box with an optional...
  15. a_fender69

    Will Cigarette Smoke effect a tank?

    EVERYONE READ THIS The common rule would be if you can smell it in the air, it is in your tank. I assume that everyone who responded to this thread does not have a protein skimmer. For those that do not know or maybe forgot, most skimmers have a method of pulling air into the skimmer that...
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    Dockery I will be in your area tomorrow and weds, do you have a list of the corals that are still availabe? Why are you breaking down this tank?
  17. a_fender69

    125 gal for sale in dfw area

    I am interested in the almost all of the livestock. Let me know if you would like to sell it seperatly. My email is
  18. a_fender69

    The Hunt For Stacey

    If you were able to give me a little more information on this guy, I could skip trace him and tell you everything you would like to know.
  19. a_fender69

    Which anemone should I get?

    :help: Logan:help: Not enough light? Do the math and you will find that he has more than 5 watts per gallon. Second-anemones do not need light as their primary source of food. They need to be feed 2-3 times a week with decent water flow. I switch from silversides and prime reef cubes...
  20. a_fender69

    Free Wolf Eel

    The eel is taken to LionKeeper for now. I will keep the forum posted if he is still available