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  1. sea goblin

    Next Fish??

    I would suggest not getting a carpet anemone or a coral. your tank is only 3 months old and chances are you shouldnt have the clam or the corals you have now. Corals, clams, and anemones need mature stable tanks, atleast 6 months old. For fish i would say adding another clown would be fine...
  2. sea goblin

    Getting more fish- do you think this will work

    the angle you have now will be too big for your tank, and adding another one will only add to the problem. I would say stick to one tang in that size tank. the nasos will get too big, the clown trigger will get too big. The clown is fine, maybe you should try to get a pair of them. A 92 is a...
  3. sea goblin

    yellow tail damsel owners!

    i have a 30 gal with a yellow tail damsel, a coral beauty and a false percula clown. all of them get along great with no problems...just the ocasional little chase. the tank has been set up like that for almost 2 years now. Sea Goblin
  4. sea goblin

    i got two clown fish!

    cool, what kind did you get? I love the one i have. Great choice of fish. Sea Goblin
  5. sea goblin

    Blue hamlet

    really? i had done a little research on them already and some from this site said that they only get to be 5 inches. Also sells them and sais they are moderate to care for. Anyone else out there with any experience with them that could help clear this u pfor me? Not debating what you...
  6. sea goblin

    Blue hamlet

    Would a Blue Hamlet have enuf space in a 55? also any general info you know about them would be helpful. Im looking at maybe setting up a 55 now, and the blue hamlet has sparked my interest Thanks Sea Goblin
  7. sea goblin prices

    I would consider 29.99 a good deal LFS sells them for 50-60 bucks. 29.99 is what i paid for my coral beauty from there which typically is a less expensive fish than that flame. Sea Goblin
  8. sea goblin

    aquacultured maroon

    Could the folks who have aquacultured maroon clowns let me know what they think of them. Like are their colors and stripes as good as the wild specimens? and are they as agressive as the wild ones? thank you, Sea Goblin
  9. sea goblin

    fighting conch & 6 line vs royal gramma

    the conch should only get about 3 inches in lenght, and will remain on the sand bed, or in it... they are a great help in a reef tank and should cause you know problems. As far as fish i think you would be fine adding which ever one you wanted first. I dont think the sixline or royal grama are...
  10. sea goblin

    stocking a 29 gal

    Thanks Marineman, i know already about cycling a tank, i used 3 damsles when i cycled my 30, this time im going with the raw shrimp idea, it worked really well when i cycled my girfriends tank. As for fish i was just planning on having the pair of gold striped Maroon clowns and my only concern...
  11. sea goblin

    stocking a 29 gal

    thanks maroonfan, anyone else have any imput? I'd like to hear what ever stories ya got, or any advice you have to offer. Thanks, Sea Goblin
  12. sea goblin

    Male Blue Damsels... Rare?

    its an orangetail blue damsel or the male blue damselfish. Its not rare, best i can tell yous might be more uncommon because it has the orange on its face. As far as being with the puffer it should be fine, the valintini is a dwarf puffer that wont get much bigger then maybe 4 inches. Sea Goblin
  13. sea goblin

    stocking a 29 gal

    Im going to be getting my 29 gal tank back from a friend, and i want to start it back up again as a saltwater tank. I have kept a 30 gallon for over 2 years now with no problems. I was wondering if a pair of maroon clowns would get too big for a 29? they are an awsome looking fish and i think a...
  14. sea goblin

    Ahhh! My New Yellow Pygme Angel!!!

    how did you acclimate the fish, and did you check your water parameters? Angels are pretty delicate fish and need special care when introducing them to what was hopefully an established tank. I personaly have a coral beauty that has been in my 30 gal for almost 2 years now. So dont give up hope...
  15. sea goblin

    Starfish in a 10 gallon tank?

    Sorry its taking me so long to respond, finals week quickly approaching... Anyways, the tank is going to be a fish only at this time. I asked her what she wanted and corals are not interesting to her yet. The intent is to have a clown fish at the very least (another Nemo addict) and she really...
  16. sea goblin

    Starfish in a 10 gallon tank?

    Are there any starfish that could live happily in a 10 gallon tank, or is it just too small? Im working on setting up a 10 gallon tank in my gf's room, and she wants a starfish, so im trying to see what would work. thanks in advance for any advice! Sea Goblin
  17. sea goblin

    Light Hunting..

    VHO's will work, so would MH, PC can work as well. I would suggest the HM with a combination of either VHO or PC. As a rough rull of thumb you are going to want about 6 watts of light per gallon. This is a pretty crude method for determining lighting needs though so dont go just by that. 2 MH...
  18. sea goblin

    mixing of tangs

    depending on the size of tank you have, you can mix some species with others. Yellow tang and Hippo tang should probably be ok together. When mixing tangs, get tangs of differant shapes, and introduce them at the same time, both should be about the same size. Most important though is that your...
  19. sea goblin

    fish for thought

    OK, well it will be best to start with a good hardy fish as your first choice. Over time as the tank matures you will be able to look into some of the more delicate, and demanding species. Many people like clown fish, they are very colorful, full of personality and generally a hardy fish...
  20. sea goblin

    How much lighting do I need

    what exactly is it that you want to keep in there? I would say that you would be good for most soft corals, and some LPS, no SPS. shrooms would be good too as well. Sea Goblin