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  1. robster

    Caulerpa Crash?

    Yes i had a die off in my fish only tank and the caulerpa died fast one huge clump cant remember what kind it was spiny stuff the fish wont eat.died overnite woke up tank water was brown.boy was i pissed took a few days and water changes to clear it up,did not kill my african star fish or any...
  2. robster

    refugium question's

    i built one for my tank about 2 years ago one of the best things imo that i could have done i have some live sand and many different kinds of caulerpa and live rock mine was custom built for the back of my tank i can see all the little critters that live in there and evantally make it in to the...
  3. robster

    ah supply

    i to bought 3. 96 watt pc lights from them if there is one thing i can stress to is if you run the bulbs over open water make sure you seal the bulb socket real good with tank silicone my bulbs blew up in about 3 mos and all 3 sockets shorted out a few times after bieing sealed needless to say i...
  4. robster

    baking soda

    hi i havent been on the bourd for awile but after keeping reefs for some years now and how much it can cost i think that it is crazy to cut corners in that area i think in time it would have to have some ill effect on the water or coral health after the thousands ive spent it is only the best...
  5. robster

    what do you cover your tank with

    i have custom made wood canopy housin lights and 6 inch fan no glass tops 100g tank about gallon of make up a day kalwasker every other day
  6. robster

    does anybody know what a venemous foxface is??

    hi It is called a Foxface Lo (Lo Vulpinus)they are only poinus on there top fins, peacful fish and herbivores.they are excellent algea eaters but can tend to turn on your corals i have never had this happen but if you are going to put one in your reef get a juvinile there are alot of mixed...
  7. robster

    sump & refugium VS. wet dry & bio balls

    I agree with NMreef i use the same setup on my reef just a differnt skimmer i keep my flow rates through the refuigem at 3-5gph with exelent results
  8. robster

    diy easy surface skimmer

    I thought i would share this with you or anybody that has a problem with surface scum i donot use a overflo box on my tanks so i was always trying to find a way to remove the skum on top of the water this is what ive been using one powerfilter (most might work)i use a second nature wdf 4000 and...
  9. robster

    paralyzed fish

    sorry to hear that.i had a red lip blenny that devaloped the same problem why i dont know but needless to say it died a month later if you just bought it maybe it was already injured or its just some kind of fish disease mine was a year old before this happend :confused:
  10. robster

    have you found a easy way

    well i caught the little [hr] bad news is i lost my blue 96w pc in the process the good news is i fed him to what is now a very happy lionfish.....i have q in diy about changing the 110w ballest for this pc to vho bulbs but i do not know what the ends of a vho bulb look like if andoby knows...
  11. robster

    changing a ballast

    hi i was wondering if anybody knew if i could use a 110watt pc ballest to run a 110watt vho bulb ballest was used for 96 watt power compact would like to change it to 48 inch vho has just a red and yellow wires and i do not know what the ends of a vho look like are they one pin or two...
  12. robster

    have you found a easy way

    thanks for the replys this damsel has been seen lots of times pecking at at corals i forget the name but it is silver body yello top fin two tone blue bottom fins feeding and neeting is useless hes to smart for that i may try the sucktion method though thanks
  13. robster

    have you found a easy way

    Im in the process of trying to remove a damsel that decided last week that corals tasted good im just short of pulling half my reef apart as the last resort.....any new ideas out there?id like to hear um.
  14. robster

    Brown tips on caulerpa?

    hi i have that happen in my refuigm alot when the cupltra reach the top.what i do is trim off 1-3 inches (provided the alga is rooted to the side) and i cut off the brown tip and i stick the inch or two back in the refuigm to regrow i harvest once a month so that is when i trim mine down.But the...
  15. robster

    feather duster closed for 3 days

    hi not to say this is true but over the last few years ive bought many feather dusters and if they remained closed it was one of two things died shed its head and it will reapere in a few weeks with small my opion they just donot live well in tanks i have one very large one...
  16. robster

    Coral Accel ???????

    First of all i would like to send all of you my prayers,to all that have been affected by this coardly bullshit that has been witnesed by all of us and may those involed be struck down with a great quickness!!!!!!!!!! Ive been maitaining my reef for 3 years now its a 90g with 10g refuimg i use a...
  17. robster

    Upgraded my lighting and now theres algea everywhere.

    hi my 2c is it was your lights and maybe a mini cycle from changing tanks ive had this happen from chaging lights and that is the only time i buy snails ive found that i donot need them and hav'nt had any snails for almost a year now .the only algea that grows in my tank is what i put there i do...
  18. robster

    including pics

    hi i wanted to know how to include pics with my my posts.i'm interested in posting a pic of a species of gonipora that i have had very good luck with over the past few years and the enviorment that it has had and possible one of other same species i keep.any help with this would be...
  19. robster

    emperor angel need help

    terry b you could be right but i thought lymphocystis had a the same white look but not the cotton i rushed into any thing yet execpt for water changes.but as i look at the spots they are odd shaped most have like a cotton ball look but now i see some spots on the fins also but deffintly not the...
  20. robster

    emperor angel need help

    hey trey i think i will go with the maroxy thnks for the reply and no i did not think of looking for any thing on the melafix because i have had nothing but positive results using this product on past fish some real close to death with them still being alive today because of melafix.but i will...