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  1. mrmaroon

    brown algae

    That should help. I would try do do your 20% once a week if your tank is heavily stocked.
  2. mrmaroon

    Will this work?

    Get a 75g and jam it full of LR if you want to keep one of those! Probably won't work with a tank that small. But they are beautiful fish.
  3. mrmaroon

    brown algae

    Sorry to hear that. How often do you do water changes and how much water? Are you running a skimmer in your sump or just the fuge? Your parameters are good, but obviously the algae is finding something to live on. Cutting back on feeding a little is a good idea. How stocked is your tank? I...
  4. mrmaroon

    Question about cycling QT

    I would cycle it with some of the old water from a water change from your main tank. Or at least 50/50.
  5. mrmaroon

    Lighting question

    I use the glass tops. I don't want the salt spray coating my lights. I have several inches open in the back and a sump for gas exchange so I am not worried about that. If you have heat issues/ the crate would be a lot better.
  6. mrmaroon

    any divers out there?

    JUST RENT the equipment to start with. What if you end up not enjoying it? I have been diving for 8 years and have my advanced certification. Sicne I only dive every 9-12 months, I still rent equipment. Cozumel is awesome and I just got back from Turks and Caicos. I loved that place. I saw 4...
  7. mrmaroon

    reef save fish

    Are you planning on getting even more fish? You might want to think about sticking with what you have. What kind of filtration do you have and do you know your water parameters?
  8. mrmaroon

    protein skimmers

    Look at Euroreef. They are $, but awesome. Mine sits in my smallish sump under my 55g tank. A little cramped, but has worked fine for me for years. But I would put in the biggest sump you can. If you can run a fuge & skimmer you should have great water quality.
  9. mrmaroon

    reef save fish

    Why don;t you just start with reef-safe fish?
  10. mrmaroon

    Lighting 10G

    Save up a little $ and you can get a 55-65 watt PC that will be more than enough. You can definately find a good one used. I just sold three of them this weekend for $15 ea. New, they probbaly cost $75.
  11. mrmaroon

    What light is right?

    I just upgraded from PCs to T5s. The T5s are running much cooler. I am able to keep my canopy lid down. Part of the difference is that the unit has a built in fan, but it still seems to by much cooler anyway. If you are going to have a canopy, I would go with the T5s. Also with T5s, you can...
  12. mrmaroon

    Super Quick Question

    So there are no fish in the tank? Just add the water then. I always use freshly made water for my water changes. If you have a really good RO/DI you should be fine. My RODI get my TDS down to 1 ppm, so I am not sure why I would need to wait to add the water.
  13. mrmaroon

    How Many Fish

    I don't think that is right. That would be I could put 25 small fish in my tank. I would never dream of more that 6-8 if mine was a fish only tank. What kind of excellent filtration do you have?
  14. mrmaroon

    How Many Fish

    Just put in 15-20, then it will feel like NYC! Seriously, that is probably a few too many. Why don't you just buy a bigger thank if you want that many fish. I am at the other end of the spectrum. I have a 55g with only two clowns, but a lot of corals. I need to add one.
  15. mrmaroon

    feeding ricordias

    I don't directly feed mine and they have doubled over the past two years.
  16. mrmaroon

    Hi all im new and have a few questions

    I am not trying to be overly harsh in this reply but: If I were you, I would take back all the fish but a few of the damsels. If you don't you run a pretty high risk of killing everything. I did that when I got into the hooby 15 years ago. Got way to excited and killed a lot of fish. Your local...
  17. mrmaroon

    Anyone in missouri ??

    Try Also a not-for-profit It is a site I use and has different boards for KC, St. Loius and some others.
  18. mrmaroon

    Sump/Refuge question

    IMO- skip the anemone. It will probably die. Easy corals to start with inlcude many of the softies such as colts (aka kenya trees), leathers, zooanthids, yellow polyps, mushrooms, green star polyps (these will spread like a weed if your tank is healthy). Torches and hammers are also pretty...
  19. mrmaroon

    My Rocks...

    Probably not a good thing. Can you describe it a little more. Most likely some kind of algae. Have you tested you water lately?
  20. mrmaroon

    Fish Stock

    Do you already have all of these? As you are probably assuming, that is way too many fish. No one can really answer this question all that well w/o know a little more about your tank and plans. What kind of filtration, etc? Do you ever plan on adding corals.