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  1. mcsd22

    well i think its about to die

    First I would get him out quickly. How old is the tank?
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    IMO false are a little tricky to get to host. A carpet anomene would be my choice and am really not sure about anything fake. Might get lucky with a frogspawn or something of that nature.
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    Blue Hippo wont come out of hiding?

    That is not abnormal. Give him some time and try soaking some mysis in garlic and see if that gets his attention. Mine is not shy of me now but acted the same when he was new. If someone else is close to the tank even now he heads for the rocks.
  4. mcsd22

    Im Stuck

    I agree 10x minimum.
  5. mcsd22

    Fish Stress and How You Can Correct the Problem!

    Ryan, great post as allways, thanks for the info.
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    As for the anemone, it died due to AM and tank being new. The BTA is a gamble on the lighting. Get rid of the damsel. The tank should be seasoned before trying another anomene like 6 months or so.
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    70 lbs of LR in a 29g

    Thats a good thing, even at that you are pushing the limits. Just have to keep an eye on levels and remove a few more if you can't keep them in check. Looks like you have the equipment to go with a little bigger tank. Just a suggestion.
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    What to put rock on?

    home depot or lowes in the lighting section.
  9. mcsd22

    70 lbs of LR in a 29g

    I count at least 12 fish in there from the picture. I don't think the rock would cause a big problem but IMO there are way to many fish in there. The bio load itself would be my concern.
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    One also needs to make sure iodine is correct or they will not molt and die.
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    Plumbing problem

    Thanks for the advise I will give it a shot.
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    Plumbing problem

    I think that the air getting sucked down is a bit of a problem but it is still not big enough to handle the flow. I think as long as theres no problem with it I will drill a 1.5 hole in the top back so that the bottom of the hole matches the height of the top of the standpipe so they both drain...
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    Plumbing problem

    If Im understanding 2 holes 1 in and 1 out?
  14. mcsd22

    Plumbing problem

    Well I could of enlarged the existing hole but the tank is now full and the hole is on the bottom. That is why I had the drilling the back and just running 2 overflows. With the pump running full throttle it will give me about a 20x turnover and I was kinda looking to keep it high. I have never...
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    Plumbing problem

    Just got a 120 acrylic and it has a 1 inch stand pipe for the overflow. I got a 20 gallon sump and bought a aquasurge 2500 pump. Plumbed the pump with twin feeds into the tank. Problem is the overflow will not handle what the pump is putting out. My idea is to drill the back and install a 1.5...
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    Maroon clown and wat anenmone?

    GSM generally will host most anemones so you have a wide selection. Mine is in a LTA.
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    From 88 to 92 2nd Marine division
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    help with raising salinity

    I have no idea about the formula but if you come across a math wizz I am sure you can get an answer. Your salinity is not that low so i would just continue to add saltwater as you top off water. It will take some time until you reach .025 but it will get there. If no I would try like.040 or even...
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    Bi Color Angel

    Give it some time. My CB didn't eat good for 2 weeks. Even now he only eats mysis, flake and algea. Anything else he won't touch.
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    Really helpful idea!

    Sounds like a good idea to me. Thanks.