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  1. fishamajig

    400 watt metal halide

    those kinda look like high bay commercial lighting, not for aquarium use. . . . do you know the kelvin rating on those bulbs?
  2. fishamajig

    misc stuff for sale, long island n.y.

    i got a few things laying around that might intrest someone 900 gph overflow box ( no brand name ) worked well till i drilled my tank corallife luft pump ( high output air pump that used to drive a monster airstone skimmer) i got a beckett skimmer since then 250w metal hallide bulb (20k )...
  3. fishamajig

    Pom Pom Pulsing Xenia

    where in brooklyn are you located?
  4. fishamajig

    Are any of these reef safe??...any wrasses reef safe?

    I have heard of people keeping mystery wrasses in their large reef tanks. I guess it just depends on who you put them with. not another wrasse i hope
  5. fishamajig

    New 20 L

    did you use new water or some from the old tank. and was the sand taken from a tank that is in use now? might have started a new cycle. . . . slow down, I know it is hard but it pays off in the long run.
  6. fishamajig

    solarius light

    I hear they have a very nice controller built into the light that can mimic all types of weather conditions. they are also pricey and you should do more research on this lights par ratings before you start adding sps. i know it is compaired to a very weak mh bulb.
  7. fishamajig

    long island/5 boroughs ? ? ?

    wow this thread is old. I have had personal success with aqua hut but I can understand them bieng a bit snippy at times. but all in all a good store. you got to watch out with the fish you buy there cause often they can have ich. just be careful with what you buy and take the staff's attitude...
  8. fishamajig

    anybody from Long Island NY?

    Originally Posted by L.I. GEO I Have Two Lyretail Anthias, What Corals You Have? no corals currently a fowlr
  9. fishamajig

    anybody from Long Island NY?

    interested in lyrtail anthis rocky point
  10. fishamajig

    anybody from Long Island NY?

    also in suffolk. have some equip i want to trade as well. looking to get rid of a mtc counter current hang on skimmer. it is pretty bad ass and works on my 125 gal tank. i am looking for base rock, luft air pump, livestock, and halide retros.
  11. fishamajig

    light,protein skimmer,ro unti for sale must see

  12. fishamajig

    light,protein skimmer,ro unti for sale must see

    can you give more info on the lighting?
  13. fishamajig

    UVs of a reef?

    i have one on my 125 gal and i run it 24/7 i would go 36w with the size of your tank if you have fish that are suceptable (spelling) to ich why not i only have good things to say
  14. fishamajig

    Id ????

    yea it is also good food for algie grazers. I used to have some till my foxface made quick work of it.
  15. fishamajig

    how about a late 6 pack

    murph is that first pic a pocliopora? very inspiring
  16. fishamajig

    300 Gallon Reef Project

    what about an iwaki 70 ? good pumps and very quiet.
  17. fishamajig

    FS in Illinois 200 gallon tank/stand/canopy/Lights/Pumps/Skimmer/Sump/LR/LS

    can you give the specs on the lighting? if so how much for the lights?
  18. fishamajig

    Trade: Halide For Equiptment

    i have a mtc hang on skimmer rated for a stocked 90 gal, also a fluval 204 canister filter. if you are interested. can i get some pics of the halide retro?
  19. fishamajig

    Skimmers. Skimmers, Oh My.

    Originally Posted by acrylic51 Get a good skimmer regardless how big your tank is....All tanks regardless FO, FOWLR, or full reefs will benefit from having a skimmer.....AquaC makes nice smaller units.....And the comment about going without a skimmer in a 29 and not worrying about "prestine...
  20. fishamajig

    Skimmers. Skimmers, Oh My.

    thats funny you mentioned the asm skimmers. I would say for a smaller tank i think the asm mini g would be a good fit. if you are going with a sump that is. if not you could go with an aqua c remora or urchin. very common but resonably priced and fairy reliable. i run some crazy countercurrent...