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  1. laddy

    Adding rock to an active tank???

    if you did not remove the die off, you'll see an increase in nitrates if your system can't accomodate the to boil the rock, let it cool and replace it back in the system if you don't need the beneficial bacteria.
  2. laddy

    need help

    I agree with errattiq, sounds like an intial diatom bloom. It will go away. Keep it up!
  3. laddy

    Frag Tank ???

    It depends on how much lux you are measuring, regardless of the depth of the tank. I assume you would be fine with T5 lighting for a wide range of corals, depending on the initial setup of your tank.
  4. laddy

    Bubble Algea Problem?

    Flricordia--great, great suggestion!
  5. laddy

    which power heads for 75 gl reef

    I like Seio 620's
  6. laddy

    Running Canister As A Secondary Filter

    I agree, a dedicated filter for running carbon is a good thing if you maintain it!
  7. laddy

    So how much longer would you wait?

    If you don't meter any ammonia or nitrites, and your nitrates are low....<.10 then I'd add the fish you wanted to add.
  8. laddy

    Skimming the surface

    I know aqua clear makes an adapter for their models of HOB filters which skims water from the top. I don't know how effective this thing is--i've only seen them in catalogs. If you have a HOB type filter you could DIY something too.
  9. laddy

    Mandarin Dragonet Question

    It's nice to hear that, believe me. But I'm still wondering if they can't cultivate them, then the supply is coming directly from the ocean, I would guess. This fish is on my "one day when I have a 180g with a 100 refuge" list, but I see them in LFS all-to-often, and the next week their gone. I...
  10. laddy

    Mandarin not adapting well

    but he shoudl be in the lower 1/3 of the tank, or on rocks, not on suction cups. I would worry.
  11. laddy

    Needing input on moving one tank into another one

    ....provide some filtration (mechanical/bio) information and it may help in the process.
  12. laddy

    Mandarin not adapting well

    It does not pass my DNLR test. Does Not Look Right. What size tank? Does he eat frozen food? Great looking fish, but maybe one which is best looked at from the opposite side of a dive mask, 95% of the time.
  13. laddy

    Mandarin Dragonet Question

    Why is it that Mandarin Dragonet fish, who are difficult to even maintain in an established aqaurium let alone breed, cost less than an A. Percula on some online websites (hint, check the main page).
  14. laddy

    Just Some Pics Of My 280

    Nice juvi emperor. How do you feed the tank with such diversity? Cool pictures, and great in-wall.
  15. laddy

    Starting a reef with seahorses

    The real problem occurs with tank temperature, when mixing corals and seahorses. Seahorses require a below 78 enviornment, otherwise they acquire a type of bacteria which is harmful to their health, as opposed to corals which thrive in temps greater than 78 (for the most part).
  16. laddy

    looks like I have small problems.

    Your anemones are fighting? how so?
  17. laddy

    What do I need to know about reef?

    where are you getting the tank from?
  18. laddy

    Check out the colors on this chalice...

    1 piece of coral saved, another centillion to go!!!!
  19. laddy

    Shrinking ricordea.... help!

    Ricordeas normally do better under moderate light conditions, your MH's could be under a lot of lux.....did i miss what size your tank was? And more importantly, how far below the water are they?
  20. laddy

    Sump Questions

    Your sump return should only facilitate a 3-5x turnover of the display, so you may need, in an optimal setup, powerheads regardless. As for the power outage, great question, one that should always be considered when taking water out of the display. If you are returning via a submerged line...