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  1. fishguy_40

    Golf equipment sold

    golf is not a game for people that cant handle a constant challenge. it's a very difficult game, but that makes it very rewarding. really though, from a "sucker" to a "hacker" thanks for freeing up one more tee time and no longer slowing down play. us able, low handicap golfers salute you!
  2. fishguy_40


    yep, good stuff. about a three day turn around for movies in southern california. it seems like they are pretty forgiving on mishaps as long as you dont abuse it. ive had one scratched, one broken and one lost on the return leg, i was not held responsible for any. i use netflix by the way...
  3. fishguy_40

    how to approach a random girl

    AW2 --- Palease. Sorry but I will honest with you. We don't care what your intentions are. We are going to see how many drinks we can get from you. I am sorry but that is the truth. Now if you happen to look like Brad Pitt or the Rock then.............. Who knows Reply With Quote and there you...
  4. fishguy_40

    how to approach a random girl

    buy them all drinks??? cmon, that's horrible advice. in a bar, you sit there and act like you're waiting for a friend and let the night take it's course. women cant handle not being the center of attention, once you pay them no attention, youve got theirs. i've heard from a number of women...
  5. fishguy_40

    My gift to myself.

    what do you plan to do with that monster? doesnt look like a student machine to me...
  6. fishguy_40

    Post pics of your other household animals! (no fish)

    reggie, aka, reginald
  7. fishguy_40

    My puppy

    crate training, how sweet it is....
  8. fishguy_40

    High School Graduation Present?

    how much is he worth to you? is he a good kid? without knowing your financial situation it's hard to answer that question. if he's anything like most, he's probably sent out a hundred or more announcements so even $25 will add up nicely.
  9. fishguy_40

    font size

    it works in firefox and internet explorer
  10. fishguy_40

    is anyone bad like me?

    hadnt seen your posts for a while. glad to know youre as bitchen as ever... brush your shoulder off big dog.
  11. fishguy_40

    font size

    ive seen a number of complaints about the font size. you can increase it with cntrl++. hold control and hit the plus sign, that command looks a little funny. go smaller holding control and hitting the minus sign.
  12. fishguy_40

    noisy overflow

    the part that's in the tank, yes. on my old setup, i had a cpr overflow box, it had to screws (on top) one on each side of the overflow cup to raise and lower according to your tank level. this was used to account for evaporation.
  13. fishguy_40

    noisy overflow

    lowering the overflow cup will help to fill the overflow more, this should eliminate the gurgling.
  14. fishguy_40

    F/S: Mush + Zoo (Socal prefer)

    youve got mail icecream/xbored
  15. fishguy_40

    F/S: Mush + Zoo (Socal prefer)

    im interested in the zoo's as well, im local, long beach area... let me know if they are still available.
  16. fishguy_40

    green coraline

    anyone _know_ what makes green coraline start growing in a reef tank?
  17. fishguy_40

    Don't you just hate breakups!

    good for you, look out for number one. youll love again, it just wont feel like it for a bit.
  18. fishguy_40

    how many fish at a time?

    only thing id like to add to this discussion... you should do some planning on your fish list. add the most aggresive/territorial one last. that is the one drawback to adding fish more slowly, they have time to setup their territory. in a small tank, that could very well be the whole setup.
  19. fishguy_40

    Tang mesh??

    that tank is way too small for all those tangs. if you start them off small they will outgrow that tank rapidly.
  20. fishguy_40

    a couple of light questions.....**clueless**

    that is a 2X65w light with whatever for moon lights. if you are intending to buy a light for a reef setup, id shoot for a 4X65w light. i had one on my old 55gal for a couple years and had good success with everything short of clams.