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  1. ekclark

    What hermits do u like?

    get one or two mexican turbos. I have one that has lived for over a year in my system (did not die from things being too hot, despite what everyone says) and it is a workaholic. I even feed it some nori so it doesn't starve. Best snail I've ever had:cheer:
  2. ekclark

    Poll:pumping Xenia

    My xenia grows like wildfire, but I wouldn't set up a system without one. With this addition about six months ago, my skimmer pulls out less and my macro grows really slowly in my refuge. I consider that a good sign. Nitrates have dropped out of testable levels. Pulling the smelly stuff once...
  3. ekclark

    Thinking of becoming a Police Officer....

    Hey rye...nice to see your still kicking. I am in the process of getting my masters of education so i can teach high school english. I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life until my senior year of college...after I had done all my stuff to be an english major. It has been tough to do...
  4. ekclark


    yeah it can be done...I have thought about keeping these guys as coral food. You need to do it slowly, say 24-48 hours, using the drip method to get them ready for salt water. They come from pools in mexico where the salinity varies depending on rainfall. They are tough little guys and can...
  5. ekclark

    Something is beating up my Clown.

    they are both damsels and they seem to know it. My tomato hates my yellow tail damsel, even chases the little guy all over the tank. They have plenty of room, but I guess there is something they recognize as competition from one of their cousins.
  6. ekclark

    Something is beating up my Clown.

    if it looks like a bite mark on the fin, I would think it was one of the chromis. I have never seen a yellow bite another fish, just use their little shank, and I don't know if their mouth is shaped right to be biting a quick moving clown.
  7. ekclark

    DSB tank crashing

    wouldn't the presence of a protein skimmer take away much of the risks associated with dsb's? People keep knocking these for different reasons, though I have never heard compelling evidence. If you are against dsb's, then do you also throw away your lr over a certain age, say five years? I am...
  8. ekclark

    courtney love

    I agree with the way, will detroit survive if they win tonight? It seems like half the country thinks it'll do this== btw, why is this now a tradition? It isn't just detroit, they did it in LA, people looted in Chicago after the bulls (many years ago), and so on.....
  9. ekclark

    Base Rock

    I took Thomas's advice about this about six months ago. The baserock I got was great and now is some of my most prized pieces of lr. If you go with this, make sure that you give it a good rinsing because the dust can take a long time to settle.
  10. ekclark

    Berlin Skimmer!

    cool...what kind of pump do have on that? I have a mag 7 and I don't get that much gunk.
  11. ekclark

    courtney love

    check She is probably going to jail for beating a woman with a bottle and a flashlight. I forgot about her daughter...that makes me hate her all the more. How can you behave like this when you have a little girl?:mad:
  12. ekclark

    adding a naso w/a yellow tang

    Thanks everyone! Sounds like this will be less trouble than I thought.
  13. ekclark

    I Have A Tank 4-sale

    hmmm, if you include 800#'s of lr, I just might be interested
  14. ekclark

    courtney love

    Does this latest episode mean that we could be rid of this waste of skin forever? I cannot stand this hosebeast and I don't understand why this woman is still famous. To the judge who puts her away
  15. ekclark

    Hang over cures

    Good old fashion greasy food works for me. For whatever reason, I nice burger and cheese fries can be a life saver. The problem is, depending on how often you drink, this cure could cause you to weigh 400lbs.
  16. ekclark

    adding a naso w/a yellow tang

    I have been wanting to do just that. It is a 125, I have a 155 just waiting for when I move:yes: , but I think I want to add the naso sooner than later. I was wondering if a trick from my old cichlid days would work--before I add the new tang I would change all the rock work, do a water...
  17. ekclark

    agrocrete curing

    Cool, thanks jlem!
  18. ekclark

    agrocrete curing

    I am noticing a lot of white "snow" appearing in my curing tub. Is this calcium carbonate? If I am losing calcium, how do I counter this? The agrocrete itself looks fine, I just hope I am not turning this stuff into nothing better for my tank than if I had I made it with mason sand.
  19. ekclark

    agrocrete curing

    Thanks guys...Squid, do you cure yours in saltwater after the fw curing? I read that an extra two weeks of this can be helpful, though I don't remember why-I guess to just make sure it doesn't do something unexpected when introduced to a marine system. I hope I can put this new cave in by...
  20. ekclark

    best glass cleaners?

    I bought a kent scraper with a stainless steel blade and it has changed my life:yes: . You can get them with a long handle if your fish has a taste for fingers.