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  1. drkdweller

    PC Acintic's HELP!

    thats because there 4 differnt bulbs. orbits Satellite Duals and come with Dual Actinic (420nm/460nm) and Dual Daylight (6,700K/10,000K) bulbs.
  2. drkdweller

    Cutting corals?

    you can cut them, then stick a tooth pick through them and rubber band the toothpick to the rock, you can not cut them and just put a rock next to them make sure there touching the rock and in a couple off days they will split on to the rock.
  3. drkdweller

    Hang-On Refugium is too heavy for a glass tank?

    its fine, i have the large aquafuge on my 75
  4. drkdweller

    Roanoke Reef meeting tonight

    Metting tonight at Somethings fishy tonight in roanoke
  5. drkdweller

    Fallen Comrades - Tank Crashes

    I know the feeling i had a crash two thanksgivings ago. I went out of town for 3 days only to come back to a green tank with every thing dead but one damels(now named lucky) I had bought a fish a week before i left who wasnt eating, well a couple days before i left he started to eat, but i...
  6. drkdweller

    refugium ?

    they got one $95.50 for the large "These are 'FACTORY Seconds' from the CPR Aquatic manufacturing facility. They all carry the normal warranty that CPR Products has for their entire product line. CPR Aquatic classifies "FACTORY Seconds" as those units which have "cosmetic blemishes, but are...
  7. drkdweller

    refugium ?

    i got the large aquafuge on my 75 reef, works great. you can get blemished ones for cheap and they work the same i got a blem and all it was a small scuff on the bottom so you cant even see it. it took me a while to find it. i know a site that sells them you can get the large for the same...
  8. drkdweller

    corals that handle 20 - 40 nitrate levels

    corals can handel nitrates at 80.
  9. drkdweller

    92 Gallon Tank with all equipment

    Omair2001 your subpost to post a price. THe mods dont like it when you dont, and even remove threads sometimes.
  10. drkdweller

    wtb: wet dry filter im Northern Va

    you should look into DIY wet/drys there a whole lot cheaper to build than to buy. there real easy to build to
  11. drkdweller

    Blue Shrooms in Roanoke Va

    sure ill take some spaghetti algae. hows your tanks going?
  12. drkdweller

    Shipping and Handling Advice

    what should i ship shrooms in . where can i get a small enough box for the bag. shoukd i fill up the box with newspaper to avoid the bag tipping over?
  13. drkdweller

    Tri-Colored Zoos

    try blanes site
  14. drkdweller

    Blue Shrooms in Roanoke Va

  15. drkdweller

    Blue Shrooms in Roanoke Va

    pacopetty:) where you been? How ya been? havent seen you in a while. You here about the reef club? We finnaly got it started. We even got our own forum on -- check it out (Mods please dont remove this thread because of that last remark) the first meeting is next thursday at somethings fishy...
  16. drkdweller

    Blue Shrooms in Roanoke Va

    i dont have my digital camra right now i got pics of frags i've given to my friends. the main rock has about 3-4 dozen shrooms
  17. drkdweller

    Blue Shrooms in Roanoke Va

    heres a better pic of them
  18. drkdweller

    Blue Shrooms in Roanoke Va

    Saw your post baddlord77 on looking for frags. how about this 7 shrooms, some pompom xenia, Green star Polyps( about the size of a nickle not on a rock), Teal colored candy canes( 4 heads) all for $60.00
  19. drkdweller

    Blue Shrooms in Roanoke Va

    i can give you free floaters if you want ill sell them w/o the rock for $3 that be good right. thats like 7 for $21. As for big ones i got 2 shrooms that are the size of a saucer plate ill sell for $ 10 each
  20. drkdweller

    Blue Shrooms in Roanoke Va