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  1. mightyoxjuice

    Florida condi anemone

    Your clownfish may host with the condy. I had one in my tank for several months and no hosting was occurring, then suddenly one day the only place the clown could be found was near the condy.
  2. mightyoxjuice

    HELP!!! Question about Lighting?

    Make sure any assurance of replacement is in writing, otherwise no one will know anything about it.
  3. mightyoxjuice

    getting married and have to move

    Use totes. Put shrink wrap around the tote to minimize splashing. Then put the lid on and shrink wrap over the lid. I have made two moves with my tanks so far (Michigan to Ohio almost 600 miles) and (Ohio to Indiana 190 miles) with no loss of life.
  4. mightyoxjuice

    75 and 90g tank for sale

    Prices will help to generate interest.
  5. mightyoxjuice

    whats a good angel

    I would suggest a blue girdled angelfish or what is more commonly called a majestic angel.
  6. mightyoxjuice

    cloudy eyed huma huma

    Poor water quality and stress are the reasons for the cloudy eye. Purely a guess, but I would say your tank is too small or you have not been diligent with your water changes especially with a messy eater like a trigger. I would suggest to use hyposalinity to treat the trigger in a hospital...
  7. mightyoxjuice

    snail id

    Are these good or bad?
  8. mightyoxjuice

    Sailfin Won't Eat ..

    Was the fish eating before you purchased it?
  9. mightyoxjuice


    the downfall of American retail
  10. mightyoxjuice

    need to sell our tank!!

    foxface402 I noticed that you are from Lima, Oh also. Maybe we can get together some time.
  11. mightyoxjuice

    Looking into selling all my equipment (Ohio)

    Any pics available? What are you looking to get for it?
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    Innsmouth Is most of your work with patterns or freehand? How much do you charge per hour?
  13. mightyoxjuice

    Please help me with my hammer.

    What are you feeding it?
  14. mightyoxjuice

    lost my flame angel

    try using algae for your sailfin tang
  15. mightyoxjuice

    Acclimating live rock

    give your tank a good 6 months to mature before adding an anemone
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    Elijah Parkway
  17. mightyoxjuice


    There are no good stores around here. The closest one that I know of is Pet Supplies Plus on Cable road. The problem is that they don't have a clue what they are doing and all of the fish have ich. The tanks that the fish are kept in are ridiculously small. I have been watching a branching...
  18. mightyoxjuice

    sailfin tang

    lots of algae, mine will eat right from my hand
  19. mightyoxjuice

    My first fish!!!!

    Most bicolor psuedochromis that I have seen are more expensive than a royal gramma, at least at the pet stores. Was he labeled as a royal gramma, and how much did he cost you?