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  1. dougai

    HOW old??

    Originally Posted by shista how long have u guys been doing this hobby?? ive been for 1 year a 1 month around 14 months
  2. dougai

    How Bout Them Cowboys!!!!!!

    Originally Posted by ScubaDoo 1. Ben Roethlisberger, PIT123.8 2. Carson Palmer, CIN113.6 3. Drew Bledsoe, DAL100.4 4. Matt Hasselbeck, SEA96.5 5. Peyton Manning, IND96.1 qb rating?? i think so what a surprize so far this year between the cowboys, the bucs, and the bengels
  3. dougai

    I love you all!!!

    Originally Posted by Bronco300 :hilarious I love you all!!!! lol, you all have made my life so much easier by helping with my problems and questions so far!!! just want to let you know that, lol. :joy: (alot nicer than trying to decide whether i can believe my lfs.) :happyfish :happyfish...
  4. dougai

    tank pic

    sorry for the double... comp lagged and i pressed the button twice lock please
  5. dougai

    Dougai-post email.

    sent u a message
  6. dougai

    tank pic

    40 14 months
  7. dougai is a fish abusing site

    if i do... e mail me
  8. dougai

    90g 1.5month

    looks good
  9. dougai is a fish abusing site

    its true
  10. dougai


    im waiting
  11. dougai


    send to i would love to hear
  12. dougai

    give us an answer

    wow hasnt been deleted yet
  13. dougai

    Hypocritical *****

    Originally Posted by pitbull01 That is a great pic! Send that in to their headquarters... good idea
  14. dougai

    hey guys i got a tang for my 10

    Originally Posted by pitbull01 sounds like a very nutritional diet! By the way, if there is anyway to make this good, it is that I just caught my tang!!! :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :jumping: : yeah
  15. dougai

    Hypocritical *****

    hahaha that is priceless sorry i need to steal that pic
  16. dougai

    hey guys i got a tang for my 10

    i feed him plastic forks... he seems to like it
  17. dougai

    hey guys i got a tang for my 10

    anyways, about my tang... it ate the shark he seems to be going better now
  18. dougai

    give us an answer

    just locking with no explaination... well this should obviously locked but i just want a valid excuse for deleting a perfeclty fine thread
  19. dougai

    hey guys i got a tang for my 10

    we tried starting a new thread for fish discussion in the fish discussion thread and they locked it after locking the biggest thread ever there is no reasoning behind it either