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    Yea kinda did look like that...
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    i am going to ask this question in here because you reefers tend to see worms more. Upon looking in my rocks today at lunch time I noticed something crawling out of a rock. It had 5 antennas on it ( in the form of a star ) was brown in color but the body appeared to have a hard shell ( kinda...
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    Do you help upside down snails

    and if you have some mean hermits they will eat them for lunch. I always turn mine back over...
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    I don't think my SeaClone is working...Skimmer that is

    yes the micro bubbles will annoy you...If you read in the directions that came with it they will tell you that if you are getting bubbles you should open the air all the way up ( or it was all the way down been a while since I read mine ) but I know it was in there but I had concerns about the...
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    YEA :happy:
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    Something gone wrong

    I thought about doing that. heck I need a Video cam anyhow... but why spend on that when I can buy MORE saltwater stuff.. LOL... No really.. I am thinking about that. So far so good with everyone. No new deaths so I think everything should be alright. The CB was suppose to help me with a bristle...
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    aquariums in rain forest cafe in Chi town

    Well right now I would have to say the one in mall of America is nice but not as nice as Woodfield. Then it would be a toss up for the one at Animal kingdom at Disney or Chitown. Only reason I really like to eat there is because of the Saltwater tanks. Food is alright but I am to busy watching...
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    will these fish work

    Originally posted by elfdoctors There are members of the "tang police" on this board who would suggest even larger tanks. Funny stuff... Yet I have seen them in action... :happy:
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    OT: What .......

    Santa isn't leaving me anything... but then again I had my Christmas in Nov when the SO and I spent 9 days with the mouse in 86 degree weather.... "sigh" I miss the living seas... HUGE Puffer was still there from 2 years ago...
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    Who started out with Tap Water?

    I have used Tap all along. Never had a problem. It does depend on your towns water. When I had my 125,55, and 35 they we all tap, now I just have a 55 and it is tap as well. I have toyed with the idea of RO/DI water but its hard for me to fix something that isn't broke.
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    to everyone

    Happy Holidays..... :happy:
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    Something gone wrong

    Originally posted by Lesleybird Maybe he lied and said he was a cleaner shrimp! Excuse me Mr. Tang I am a cleaner... I am here to eat ummm err clean your back... yea thats it....
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    Where is your tank located??

    My 55 is in the Living room infront of the Xmas tree...
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    Does my tank look foggy?

    This is a 12 gallon correct? Did you have the water in there and then dump in the sand? Only reason I ask it is because there appears to be sand ontop the filter head. Now I am not saying it was wrong but with that small of a tank I would have mixed up 12 gallons of saltwater.. Bring it up to...
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    Does my tank look foggy?

    Originally posted by Asbury030 how did u clean ur filter with tap water or what? Yes... I have never had a problem with the water in my town. I only run a FO tank. I just take them out and go to the sink and wash them out.... Depending on water conditions in your town would be if you could do...
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    Does my tank look foggy?

    I was lucky with my 55... it cleared over night.. my old 125 on the other hand took 5-6 days... Alot of cleaning the glass and cleaning the filters....
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    Stone Fish Pics.

    Thanks TY .... I wondered about that. I had a lion at one time..My first Saltwater tank and the LFS sold him to me. I really didnt know much... heck I always had my hands in there messing around... never thought much about it until I found this site and read up on the Lion... I was never tagged...
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    Which power heads to use?

    I can't speak on the maxi-jets but I have used penguins 550's and 1140's for all of my tanks. In my 55 I use 4 power heads. The 2 1140's and in the corners pointing into the tank and the 550's are more towards the middle pointing UP to stir up the surface water. When I had my 125 I built a spray...
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    Stone Fish Pics.

    You know... I thought I read somewhere that these stone fish would cause a heart attack ( cardiac arrest ) in a matter of minutes if one hit you... This true???
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    off topic "SNOW"

    <sniffing the air for the smell of 2 cycle> Ahhhhhhh I love the snow... Time to snowmobile...... Worst part ( and I think Sammy had mentioned this ) is the first snowfall of the year ( that actually sticks to the road ).. people just go nutty... Like they forgot how to drive in snow... In 8...