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  1. saltwaternube

    banded shark egg?

    i got this shark egg a lil over a month n a half ago from a lfs and now the shark is so big inside the egg it can barely move, i can't even see the yoke sack at all any more and about a week ago i seen my sand sifting star climbing on the egg then a noticed later on there was a small hole in the...
  2. saltwaternube

    Removing Acrylic Scratches?

    i have a 220g acrylic tank, it has surface scratches all over in and out, i was wondering if anyone knew a way to remove or buff out the scratches, i don't have it set up yet but i would like to fix that before i do.
  3. saltwaternube

    black banded shark

    and i bought it as an egg cause i wanted to watch it grow from a baby, when i bought it i already had a 300g but the people i had shipping it for me shattered the bottom out of it and they were family so i couldn't really do anything about it, or kill any of them, i didn't buy it just cause it...
  4. saltwaternube

    black banded shark

    he seems to be doing good right now in the 55 but i just purchased a 150 gallon i have cycling for him to go in as soon as its ready, he is eating really good, very good appetite, moving around alot i oly have rock in each corner for it to hide in so plenty of swimming room, but i do still have...
  5. saltwaternube

    3 tanks for sale in Canton, Ohio!!

    how far away from muncie in are you, i would like to see the 75
  6. saltwaternube

    three things for sale

    where r u located
  7. saltwaternube

    black banded shark

    i just hatched a baby banded shark in a community tank cause when i bought the egg i had expected to have a large tank for it but all i have right now that is not a reef tank is a 55g but how long will it live in a 55g and how much sand and rock does it have to have, and wat all will live with it
  8. saltwaternube

    WTB: Algea for tang

    i just got a purple tang and i'm not sure wat kind of algea they like most but i'll buy a bunch of it to put in my fuge
  9. saltwaternube

    new carpet anemone

    i just got a 5 inch atlantic carpet anemone and the websites i've checked say to feed it meaty chunks. wat kind of meaty chunks do i feed it, got mysis n brine shrimp if thats it but if it would want something bigger i'm not sure what to feed it, its got about a 1 inch mouth on it.
  10. saltwaternube

    Show your clownfish hosting

    my black n white perc host in my huge hawaiien feather duster and the duster lets it, i don't have any pics yet but i'll get one
  11. saltwaternube

    vhos and carpet anemone?

    all i have on my 55 are 4 48in vhos two blue n two white and i was wondering if that was enough lighting for a about 5 inch green stripe carpet anemone, it is at a lfs and they had clowns hosting it and i'd really like to see my black clowns with that, also does any one else think 50 dollars...
  12. saltwaternube

    F S 75 Gallon

    would you be interested in getting rid of just the power compacts and if you would how much?
  13. saltwaternube

    Florida live rock for free?

    if you do find a way to get some live rock to indiana and you want to get rid of some let me know, i 'live in muncie and i'm looking for some good live rock, let me know, thanx
  14. saltwaternube

    F/S Frogspawn Coral green with pink tips

    are there anymore available, if so i'll take whatever left you can frag, pm me, thanx
  15. saltwaternube

    WTS or trade Yellow/red gorgonian frags

    i only have vho's are those enough for gorgs or do i need metal halides?
  16. saltwaternube

    WTS or trade Yellow/red gorgonian frags

    how much for a 3 inch frag of both to 47302?
  17. saltwaternube

    looking for frags in indiana

    tax check in abd looking to fill my tank with some frags but never had much luck with shipping, would rather drive if in indiana area, i live in muncie but i drive to indy quite often, will be down there next week, if you could send me some pics with some prices i'll get back with ya, thanx
  18. saltwaternube

    wtb: red algea for tangs

    Originally Posted by jmrents I have some red grape caulerapa, which I know my tangs love I could send you. Or, have you tried nori? The dried seaweed is one of my tangs favorites and my foxface eats it right out of my hand. One pack will last you a long time and it's very cheap too. i'm...
  19. saltwaternube

    wtb: red algea for tangs

    i have three tangs a clown tang, a regal tang, and a naso tang and they have eaten all the algea out of my tang but they really love the red algea, but i don't have fuge to grow it in i have wet/dry, but i just got a 5g acrylic tank with a 50/50 light so i can try to use it to grow my own algea...
  20. saltwaternube

    wtb: small hippo tang and disjardini sailfin tang

    i am lookin to buy a small blue hippo tang and a small red sea disjardini sailfin tang, i want to get both at the same time cause if i put just one in right now it will be more likely to fight with my naso tang, but if i put both in at same time they shoulg all get along just fine, will be...