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    29g Biocube Reef

    Just added these two guys (or gals) a couple of days ago.
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    Oceanic BioCube? Yes - No?

    Here's mine that I just set up about a month ago. First off, get rid of the bioballs if you want a reef. I found my tank/stand on Craigslist for only $100. For the lighting, first you need to figure out what types of corals are you...
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    29g Biocube Reef

    Quote: Originally Posted by smallreef Looks great! very similar to what i want to set up once i get moved.... so the only thing is with the cube you have to be ONTOP of water quality and changes.. hopefully it will be easier for you to keep up on... Good luck and let us know how its going! My...
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    13 wpg?

    I agree with acclimating your corals to your new lights, but Goniopora are hard corals to keep alive anyway.
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    29g Biocube Reef

    My Biocube 29 Reef 63" />
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    aiptasia control

    It's a gamble, but copperband butterflies will eat aptasias. I've always had luck with peppermints. They're not too expensive and will normally get the job done.
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    Cleaner shrimps are great...beautiful and a lot of personality. Blue legs will help with the garbage.
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    120 gallon fish list?

    I'm more of less fish and more corals, but I think you add one more. Base on your list, most of your fish are small, so adding one more should be fine I think.
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    You can't go wrong with MH. That will give you the most intensity that will keep your corals and clams healthy. I don't think you can go with too much light, but two 250w should be fine.
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    Frag tank set up ideas

    10 gallons are nice once set up. They are very sensative to sudden changes though and need to be monitored quite often. Substrate doesn't matter, but a little bit will add some asthetic to the tank. Go with PCs and a small filter and heater along with a small powerhead and you should have a...
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    FS: live rocks and sand: Seattle

    don't know how to post pics...can I email them to you? Says
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    FS: live rocks and sand: Seattle

    Still in water with heater and powerhead. I'll get the pics today and send it to you.
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    My gonipora not looking so well...

    Too bad they are so hard to keep...great looking corals. I think it's one of those that should be left in the ocean. Good luck with yours.
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    FS: live rocks and sand: Seattle

    My brother took down his tank and I'm helping him sell off his sand and rocks. He has about 50lbs of LR and 200lbs of LS. Selling them both for $200 or $150 for the rocks and $50 for the sand. He had the tank up and running for about 3 years so it's well developed. Call me at 206-890-2455...
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    FS: 90 pentagon in Seattle

    Oh yeah...400w MH too. I forgot.
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    FS: 90 pentagon in Seattle

    Took it over from my brother so I don't know exactly the size, but I think it's 90g. Plexiglass with stand, hood (with fans) sump, pump, red sea skimmer, 2 55w pcs. The only reason why I'm selling it is that I'm too short to reach the bottom to clean the glass and hard for me to reach the back...
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    What is this?

    I don't know how to post a pic, but in my reef tank that's been running for years now has a lot of small looking sea slugs that are around. Most are about the size of the font on this page. At first I thought they were sponges, but one day I saw them move ever so slowly. Can someone post a...
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    Free pulsing Xenias:Seattle

    I was just about to throw some away, but I'll post here to see if anyone in the Seattle area want some healthy pulsing xenias. I've had them for years and very nice and huge stalks to. I will not ship. Please call me at 206-890-2455 or email at Says
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    Birdsnest question

    I just bought a Birdsnest SPS coral and is now the 3rd day in my tank. It was pink when it was at the LFS, but now it's a bit brown/tan. My lighting is a 400w 6500k MH with 2 55w actinic PC. Would that be the difference? I think the lighting at the LFS is 20000k. The coral is placed in the...
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    Free sand: Seattle

    I have about 50lbs or so of fine aragonite sand that is just sitting in the garage. Feel free to take it. I also have a rock that I took out of my tank that is about 5lbs that you can have too. Both are no longer live, but would be nice for a new setup.