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  1. rotarymagic

    29G BioCube Adventure!

    Get a 150w MH light
  2. rotarymagic

    should i buy it

    Originally Posted by Freeborder_01 its really bad to dose magnesium at high levels. Im not sure if 500ppm is considered that high level but the reef chemistry calculator i used said more than 100ppm a day was too much. You can stress out corals pretty bad if you add too much at a time, and with...
  3. rotarymagic

    should i buy it

    Originally Posted by nissan577 AMEN! with sps you want to check mag... LOL...
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    Feel sorry for Obama ...

    I heard once Vick gets out of prison, he's getting Daschle's spot...
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    This is why Iran can not and should not be negotiated with.

    Originally Posted by oscardeuce Anyone watched the Nick Berg video lately? LAWL!!!
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    Some atheletes are clueless

    Originally Posted by Salt Life HA, that's funny. Weed is natural, comes from mother nature, people make it look like it is oh so bad because it is illegal and frowned upon, but yet im sure the people who don't like potheads, have a nice stash of liquor in their kitchen, which i'd say is worse...
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    Bristle Worm, how to get rid of them?

    My opinion: New cheap, uncured liverock=ammonia spike and it killed off the less hardy animals during the minicycle in the already overstocked tank.
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    should i buy it

    Originally Posted by Freeborder_01 yeah i dont know HOW that thinking it might not be that bad and the test may have been a little off. Either way i started dosing the mg, should raise it 100ppm a day. Ill test it on monday when i expect it to be at about 950ish if i dose to raise...
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    Paint that brickwall black!!! That blue makes the place look like a daycare.. I mean this is a gym for adults right? What kind of powerheads are those?? K4s? Tank trim and backwall should be black too..
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    New Nano

    Originally Posted by genius172 after seeing Rebel's lights and Nissan i figured that i should go ahead and invest in MH...i'm thinking 20w a 20w MH??? ...I hope you mean a 150w..
  11. rotarymagic

    Funny things your fish do

    MY yellow assessor swims sideways, upside down, backwards, and will do barrel rolls around my clowns to get to food during feeding time LOL... what a character... definitely warmed up after a month in my tank (the 20long) and now he's REALLY bold.
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    Would it be too crowded if I QTd... hypo?? I hope the tank is already cycled at 1.008 SG... if not... EEEEEK!!!
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    CUC for my 10 gallon?

    Originally Posted by dustyboy316 Ok. Do any of them stir the sand at all? I need something to get the debris off the sand or I can see it start to become a problem. yep... thats what those things address... they both stir the sand, the ceriths eat diatoms and algae and the nassarius snails...
  14. rotarymagic

    CUC for my 10 gallon?

    add 6 smaller nassarius snails and 6 cerith snails
  15. rotarymagic

    New to nano's

    What are your water test parameters (all of them), you need a different light probably.. can you post a pic of the light fixture and bulb(s)? brine shrimp haven't much nutrition at all... feed PE mysis... way better for fish.
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    New Nano!

  17. rotarymagic

    Coolest fish out there for a nano

    Originally Posted by happityLogan ppl are entitled to whatever they think is the coolest fish. irregardless of if its a "bargain bin" fish. IMO I love mandarin dragonettes, they are the reason that I got into the hobby, they are definately one of the coolest looking fish for sw keeping... Too...
  18. rotarymagic

    should i buy it

    Originally Posted by Freeborder_01 for sure, thanks for the help guys. I gotta get my 550ppm magnesium up before i add anything though >.< gotta love the diy 2 part i made last night 550ppm??? lol... corals are still alive??
  19. rotarymagic

    should i buy it

    Originally Posted by aquaguy24 since its valentines day..make her buy it for you.... yeah... "Hey honey I saved up $12 and I figured you would be willing to pitch in another $12 so I can get a 2 polyp frag of a cool blasto and we can both watch it grow together... just like our relationship..."
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    Coolest fish out there for a nano

    Originally Posted by mboswell1982 i didnt say sell em all, i mean, once ur babies are old enough to be sold LOL once u get them sold, then buy u a carribean candy basslet that would be awesome.. I love those candy basslets.