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  1. gfk

    I must be crazy... How can I find a Mantis Shrimp?

    but if you asked them where to get a hamburger, would they tell you I DONT KNOW I HATE MEAT, or would they point you to a mcdonalds.....jk couldnt resist honestly im over it, its everyones loss who misses out on info, oh well
  2. gfk

    I must be crazy... How can I find a Mantis Shrimp?

    so me sharing that a forum on another site is dedicated to mantis shrimp is a terrible terrible thing, given the site sells nothing. yes they have advertisements, but if everyone looooves this great place so much they;ll order their stuff here. i understand what youre saying, but if youre...
  3. gfk

    I must be crazy... How can I find a Mantis Shrimp?

    um they dont let you post links to any site, whether they sell things or not. id call that not wanting to let members inform other members. not everyone is good at searching google. id rather buy somethign from a site that gives you links to other sites and actually lets people have opinions...
  4. gfk

    I must be crazy... How can I find a Mantis Shrimp?

    i forgot how incredibly lame this site is and they block everything. the sight is r e e f c e n t r a l dotcom they have a whole mantis shrimp section. i now remember why i started going there and leaving this place. bunch of money hungry b1tches that run this site and dont want people to...
  5. gfk

    I must be crazy... How can I find a Mantis Shrimp?

    check out [link violation] they have a whole forum for mantis shrimp
  6. gfk

    2700 gallon aquarium pics

    requiem whats goin on? got any sharks in yet? i see you posting you cant hide!!!!!!
  7. gfk

    Dead Emerald Crab

    youre going to be embarrassed if you tank him back and it was a molt. the first time my sally light foot molted i thought he was dead and freaked out. then i realized what had happend and put him on my bathroom counter, and told my gf i thought it escaped she was mad when she went to the...
  8. gfk

    350g reef tank I need sand!!!!

    in northern CA we dont have that stuff at home depot, good luck, but its worth it youll save a ton
  9. gfk

    bought some bubble algae a few months back

    i got a rock with shrooms that had it too. it spread the next day, i took out the rock and scrubbed it with a toothbrush, then i syphoned out the cyano that came with it. changed my powerhead to aim there and it is now gone. just figure out how to stop my sand from being brown now
  10. gfk

    5 gallon nano

    check out reefcentral there are a ton of 5 gallon setups over there that are pretty sweet
  11. gfk

    Question on shriveling Xenia

    naw they like flow, my xenia took about a day to fully open, now they are way bigger then when i got them and already spreading
  12. gfk

    Algea Blenny

    he will find some im sure. you can also give them algae sheets, and most eat other foods too, my bicolor blenny does
  13. gfk

    air bubles from my powerhead

    i just had this problem and i have no air tubes. i emailed aquarium systems, they make maxi jets, and he told me to turn it upside down in the water and tap on it for a while, since doing this i have hardly anymore bubbles coming out.
  14. gfk

    small sand-sifter?

    ya i know bi colors dont sift sand, i just kinda gave up, maybe if i can find something ill catch him somehow
  15. gfk

    I need something that eats flatworms!

    i used flat worm exit, was an easy solution
  16. gfk

    Mr Pistal!!!!

    i have a baby pistol shrimp in my tank somewhere, hes less then an inch long. i hope he is a bullseye they are so pretty
  17. gfk

    Water quality issues/ please

    your in your cycle arent you
  18. gfk

    Cheapest Store In The World !!

    exile, could you email me more information? how are corals there? is my email
  19. gfk

    CPR Bak pak 2 question

    did it come with a valve to adjust the hose? mine didnt but i had one from something else. when its closed it is a lot quieter, make sure oyu have that foam piece in teh return hose. mine gives off microbubbles after a water change for a little bit but i hardly get any now. ive only had it a...
  20. gfk

    Tiled tank?

    i wanna see the pics now