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  1. bas12547

    Brown Stuff covering gravel after three years

    What type of water are you using?
  2. bas12547

    How Long Do CF Bulbs Last

    My local fish store tells me I should change my CF bulbs every sixs monthe. It that correct? Brian
  3. bas12547

    Sea World, FL Pictures

    Great pictures. Did you get a chance to try Discovery Cove? We did this summer. It was great. Brian
  4. bas12547

    Chocolate Stars Falling Off

    I have Chocolate Star that seems to be upside down more often then usual. Today I noticed that a few of the stars have fallen off and look white. Any ideas what I should do for this? Brian
  5. bas12547

    choco chip question

    My Choco Chip star ate all of my snails, but can't seem to catch the crabs. Brian
  6. bas12547

    anyone elses Choco Chip do this??

    Do you have corals in with your chocolate chip star? I thought that I saw some in the picture. I have always thought that I could not have corals because I have one.
  7. bas12547

    I don't think my SeaClone is working...Skimmer that is

    Is it a new skimmer? Have you played with the air flow value? You might have the water swirl (Play with the air value) on the bottom set to low. Brian
  8. bas12547

    help whats wrong with my yellow tang????????/

    I put in a killer counch in my tank that stresses my tang. He got red streaks on him as well. I did a big water change, removed what was stressing him, and he was fine. In your case, it sounds like the spike was the stress. Make sure you got the spike culprit. Brian
  9. bas12547

    Food for clowns

    Mine lives on frozen brine and krill...Brian
  10. bas12547

    how to get rid of the grunge on the surface of the tank?

    I have a seaclone 150. It skims good, but I am always battling leaks. Brian
  11. bas12547

    Pink Tipped Anemone

    I have a sebae that I hand feed krill every two days. It is getting hugh. You sure it is getting enough food? Brian
  12. bas12547

    Anemones? or stay away ?

    I have a seabae. IT is about 6 months old and thriving. My only compalint is that it is getting to big. I feed him krill every two days. Brian
  13. bas12547

    Maryland Blue Crab In Captin Bob's

    I went to a museum in the same town while I was on vacation where they had a similar setup. I talked to the person running it. He told me it was a saltwater setup. The fish were what they called minnows. They didn't use crushed coral or sand. They used fresh water looking rock. They also had...
  14. bas12547

    Maryland Blue Crab In Captin Bob's

    It was fresh water. The other fish were fresh water fish. Brian
  15. bas12547

    Maryland Blue Crab In Captin Bob's

    I was in a restauraunt in OC MD called Captain Bob's. They have a few saltwater Blue Crabs in a freshwater tank. Anyone ever heard of doing this? This is not a lobster type tank. This is an aquarium. Would it survive long in a tank like this or do you think they eat it daily for diner? Brian
  16. bas12547

    choco chip star

    Mine hasn't changed colors. I have had him for about 6 months. Brian
  17. bas12547

    Water Changes

    Getting back to the original question. I never put my saltwater down the pipes. Am I the only one concerned about rust and what it will do to my septic system? I dump the water in my back yard. Brian
  18. bas12547

    Modifying tank

    Just out of curiousity, what does LR cost in the UK? Brian
  19. bas12547

    Got it running! Now what?

    You cannot do a reef with the CC star in there. Brian
  20. bas12547

    HELP I need RO water FAST!!!!

    I see a lot of talk about RO water from Walmart. Do they sell it by the Distilled water? Brian