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  1. nycbob

    What is this

    no picture?
  2. nycbob

    sick clown

    if its internal, then most likely a goner. what kind of a clownfish is it?
  3. nycbob

    New Lightning pair with problems

    as long as water parameters are good, they should be fine. they will fight to assert dominance. the dominant one will become female. advice is to buy one clownfish that is smaller than the other if u want to pair them.
  4. nycbob

    Help my anemone

    that is a dying anemone. take it out.
  5. nycbob

    Gsp Control

    i just let it grow or put reef safe epoxy over it to stop it from spreading. i personally like them a lot.
  6. nycbob

    updated pics of my reef

  7. nycbob

    hi all!

    today is the 7th day since receiving the blue jaw trigger. it has not came out of hiding yet. if it doesnt eat soon, i am afriad its going going gone.
  8. nycbob

    How to control hair algae in a fish-only tank with macro algae?

    every little bit helps. dolabella sea hares eat hair algae.
  9. nycbob

    hi all!

    i am so glad my power didnt go off during the storm.
  10. nycbob

    225G UPDATED pictures (PIC HEAVY)

    nice pictures.
  11. nycbob

    hi all!

    i shot them email this morning and got a response. looks like will ship it out tuesday.
  12. nycbob

    hi all!

    i placed the order with on friday. now there is a storm coming. i will have to email to delay the shipment.
  13. nycbob

    Clown Fish Wont Host To Anemones?

    imo, if the clownfish doesnt go to the anemone within a week or two, its never going to take a liking to it. condy is not a host for clownfish.
  14. nycbob

    hi all! has blue throat again. any idea where they r from? hawaii or indonesia?
  15. nycbob

    hi all!

    just ordered the blue throat trigger but not from this site, since didnt have it. should be arriving next week. very excited. hopefully it wont bother my inverts.
  16. nycbob

    hi all!

    couldnt order bc the trigger was sold out. i guess i will wait til its in stock.
  17. nycbob

    hi all!

    awesome. thanks. i am thinking of getting a blue jaw trigger. i lost all of my fish during a vacation when power shut off for 18 hours. funny thing was all of the corals survived.
  18. nycbob

    hi all!

    hello everyone! havent been at this forum for a while. has anyone order from lately? thinking of adding some fish and inverts but havent ordered from here the last 18 months. is the quality still good like in the past?
  19. nycbob

    Is frogspawn really an "expert only" coral? (like describes)

    shouldnt be expert imo. mine grows like crazy but i am also an expert. i have it in other tanks with not so great water and it thrives. as long as they get decent flow along with lighting, it is very easy.
  20. nycbob

    new bta

    looks like a bubble tip anemone. nice pickup for $15. bta are accepted by most clownfish. anemone needs strong lighting and medium flow to stay healthy. just feed it once per week and u should be fine.