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  1. cincyreefer

    shark pools/ponds

    Well the filtration is pretty much gonna depend on how big the pool is gonna be, and how much room you will have. Easiest way for a return is just make a large hole on one side of the tank that you want to feed the sump, and make some type of strainer based on the flow. Then all you really...
  2. cincyreefer

    shark pools/ponds

    About what size are you thinking about doing?
  3. cincyreefer

    updated pics

    Tony, Yeah we totally redid the tank as you can see. Looks so much better now, and got rid of all those large fish so we can keep some of the smaller schooling and non aggressive fish. Luckily the few lookdowns that made the transition in a 300 gallon for a few weeks aren't eating many of the...
  4. cincyreefer

    Considering a Shark Pond

    I would check out NOVICE 150 website. I don't have the link, but I know it is posted on many of his other threads. He kept a great log of building his tank.
  5. cincyreefer

    Tank Pics

    Excellent looking tank still! I especially like the Horn shark. Never figured out why, but one of my favorite sharks.
  6. cincyreefer

    Building a Custom 2154 Tank

    1.) Bamboo or most any other bottom dweller. 2.) Metal Halide looks the best but lighting is dependent on the situation and the setup and what you are trying to do with the lighting. 3.) Filtration- Whole lot of possibilities here... not really one correct way. I like using a huge skimmer...
  7. cincyreefer

    updated pics

    Haven't been on a whole lot lately, but hopeufully will be able to start posting a little more again. Just wanted to show a few updated pics. Hopefully have a few more coming once I ever get them off my camera, LOL. Anyone know how to resize pictures so they don't come out so fuzzy?
  8. cincyreefer

    leapard shark?

    Originally posted by redsharky just asking cuz i have had them before in my 800 and was feeding them 3 times a week a mixture of squid, silversides, and krill mixed with zeocon and never could get them to grow.. thats all mine only grew like 3 inches every six months I imagine its probably...
  9. cincyreefer

    shark tank

    Linking to another site is not allowed on this board, so you might want to put up your email address for people to email you. For a tank of that size, you are gonna wanna custom build it with just acrylic viewing areas. If you try doing a search you might find some threads as a starting point...
  10. cincyreefer

    2700 gallon aquarium pics

    sweet, I'll be looking forward to seeing some finished pics! :happy:
  11. cincyreefer

    2700 gallon aquarium pics

    Looks real good! Keep us informed if the sharks have any problems with those hexagon corner areas. Many people say that any corner at all will give sharks problems, especially the bonnets... I would imagine that they will be ok though since they aren't 90 degree bends. I am also interested...
  12. cincyreefer

    shark pond

    Hey matt, Please let me know when you are done with the site for sharks and rays. I would definitely be interested in participating with discussion and such... let me know if you need any help.
  13. cincyreefer

    Pictures of the best shark/eel or aggressive tank!!!

    And here is one of the meanest eels I have encountered. He was ruthless... if he saw skin he went after it.
  14. cincyreefer

    Pictures of the best shark/eel or aggressive tank!!!

    Here you go... coming right at you. Sorry for bad picture quality.
  15. cincyreefer

    Holy egg cases shark man

    That is awesome AC! Just shows how choosing the right tank size, tankmates, and correct care for the sharks can make them horny! I would have to guess its the bamboo as well, for pretty much same reasons you guys have come up with. You definitely need to add some testosterone in that tank though!
  16. cincyreefer

    450g shark

    Originally posted by falconred the lemons will not get much bigger . the black tip has been with us for over two years shes not over 26" . in cap sharks will not grow like in the wild .vary rare to see these type of sharks over 4' Stress stunts growth... we expect our sharks to grow close to...
  17. cincyreefer

    How long can I keep my new shark in my 55 gallon tank?

    That shark doesn't look real to me....
  18. cincyreefer

    over stocked

    HAHA.... you said you shopped at Jacks...
  19. cincyreefer

    uv sterl & setup

    No, you won't need to move the fish. They should all be fine, but just make sure you have some premixed saltwater ready to do a decent sized water change when you change out the crushed coral.