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    Zoanthids are starting to die

    Try with spots with PAR around 100 first, then slightly increase.
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    Orbit Marine IC Pro Dual LED - Bluetooth

    Because Corals live deeply under sea where only high energy blue light can reach and they can only use blue light.
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    Led light for 5g tank?

    A 18 inch Current USA Orbit Marine is suitable for your need, you can read the guide for reef lighting in this article:
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    Canister Filters? Will too much Filtration turn into a bad thing?

    You have to remember filtration is predicated on bio load, so you really can’t over filter a tank. An external filter canister good for 100g will only filter what your 30g feeds it
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    Cloudy from adding substrate...filter on or off?

    i would run a fish tank filter with floss.all the light stuff will settle on top of the sand and when you fire up the powerheads it will cloud up again.
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    What is the difference between a sump and a wet/dry filter?

    and a sump does not contain biological media like a wet and dry filtration does with bio balls. Most wet/dry's use a pad, whereas in a sump you would use filter bags to catch debris.
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    The Best Heater for 29 Gallon Biocube

    I think your better bet is installing is always good to have a heater for aquarium fish in case of those cold nights.
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    Any good? Odyssea 500W heater at ****** for $16.90?

    You can get two 250w Aqueon Pro heaters for about $40. That's more than twice the price, but it's still only $23.10 more.
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    5g reef

    Very nice 5 gallon tank. Here are my tanks: