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    Getting back into the hobby

    So after a lot of thinking, I decided against saltwater. I wanted to thank everyone for their advice and suggestions. I decided to eliminate the possibility of losing 2 years worth of time, money, coral, live rock, fish, amd inverts in a move gone bad. I instead set up a 29g freshwater with...
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    Getting back into the hobby

    Heck, if they make battery operated bubblers or heaters that would at least agitate the water to give some oxygen and help maintain temp.
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    Getting back into the hobby

    Could you explain that more? Not sure I understand. Do you mean keeping the macroalgae in the display tank? I live in apartment building. Growing up, I had a high capacity RODI unit plumbed into a huge water reservoir, that I used for water changes/top offs. I checked all of my faucets, and...
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    Getting back into the hobby

    Yeah. That's why I've had to stay away from the hobby for so long. I've moved almost once per year through college, med school, and now residency. It's just not a hobby that's very manageable unless you're rooted in place. I'd get really attached to all of the inhabitants of the tank. I don't...
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    Getting back into the hobby

    I'll be miving in just over 2 years. From MI, likely out west. Is it all feesible to transport a tank long distance? Obviously, everything would have to be taken down. I went to one of my LFS today, and saw a 53g. Really liked the dimensions. Same footprint as a 40g, but mire height.
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    Getting back into the hobby

    Hi everyone. My name is Justin. I kept a 37g saltwater tank and a 75g tank with 40gal sump/refugium growing up, but I've been out of the hobby for more than a decade. I was a very active member back in the early 2000's as Xabxam. I've had a few small basic freshwater tanks and a kept crested...
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    28 gallon

    How's the tank doing? Is the difficult to maintain water quality with 28 gallons?
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    380g mixed reef

    Very high end.
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    7 x 2.5 x 2.5 Aussie peninsular build !

    Any updates? There have got to have been some changes over the past year. EDIT: Whoops, I just found some of your new threads. Great videos!
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    Setting up a New 110g Reef

    Did you have any trouble getting the rocks through customs?
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    Novahobbies official 110g rebuild thread

    Looks like your corals have been growing very well!
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    ifirefights 150 reef

    Very nice! How long has the new 150 been up and running?
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    7 x 2.5 x 2.5 Aussie peninsular build !

    Beautiful tank! You have a very streamlined and organized filtration system. Definitely a set up to aspire to.
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    I went to buy a fish, and came back with this:

    How do you like the filtration system that came with the kit? I really like how streamlined these types of tanks are, but I don't know much about how well they work.
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    Tank update AWSOME NEWS!!!

    Thanks for posting the picture. I've never seen one of those before.
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    Tank update AWSOME NEWS!!!

    Can you post a picture of the cling fish? I don't know what they are.
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    10 Months old today.

    Beautiful! All of your corals and fish look to be thriving in your tank. Have you had any trouble with the tangs not getting along?
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    My 600 gallon reef tank

    Wow, with a tank that size and you're live rock structure, this feels like a small chunk of a real coral reef. I would love to have something like this one day.